ClickCease Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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ClickCease coupon

When marketers run PPC campaigns, they face some common problems. One of these problems is the click fraud. These frauds waste one fifth of the total budget of a campaign. To detect these frauds, you can use an efficient solution. The name of that solution is ClickCease.

ClickCease Review

There are certain reasons why people run PPC advertising campaigns. These campaigns can bring a big revenue in a quick time. Every campaign has a budget. You have to spend necessary money for every step. Sometimes, advertising cost gets increased for the click frauds. There are lots of bots and click farms that cause this problem. You have to find out and stop these frauds by any means. ClickCease will let you do that with ease. It has tons of important features. Get the click frawd protection and detection software easily with our coupon. Grab the ClickCease discount now.

Detects All

ClickCease is capable of detecting all kinds of necessary things that may affect your campaigns. For example, it finds out the reasons for which your competitors are ceasing away your clients. That means, you will be able to know why your campaigns are not getting the desired number of clicks. Nonhuman traffic or bot traffic is very harmful for all kinds of campaigns. For this reason, it will find out the bot traffics or automated clicks very efficiently. Sometimes, competitors may hire click farms to run a big click fraud operation. All kinds of click farms will be detected by ClickCease. Similarly, band haters and accidental clicks will also be found out by it.


Extensive Analytics

One of the finest features of this solution is its analytics. It is capable of uncovering every single detail behind the clean clicks. You will be able to know the IPs from where the clicks are coming. Sometimes, it can be necessary to block some IPs. Only a few clicks are necessary to block these. Similarly, details of fraudulent IPs can be found out with ease. After purchasing ClickCease, there is no need to use another tool for keyword research. It has a built in keyword research tool. That means, the keywords for which the highest number of frauds are coming can be selected with ease.

Clickcease improves the user’s experience and makes sure that users can improve the click fraud protection. It makes sure that users can keep their website clean from any unexpected click fraud attacks. It provides customization and a higher level of click fraud protection.

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Highlights of the Application

Clickcease uniquely blocks fake clicks. It blocks out all the invalid IP addresses that are trying to get into the website. It also makes sure that users will not get any fake clicks so that it becomes easier to monitor the clicks are coming to the site and make sure everything is totally real and authentic. As a result, first of all, users will save a massive amount of money on advertising as they will bring all the targeted audiences to the site. It will also boost the conversion of the site.

Just to explain it further, if users spend 100 dollars on Google ads and they get 60 percent bot clicks and fake clicks, users will only get 40 percent authentic audience or 40 dollars utilized. If users spend 100 dollars on ads and use Clickcease, they can get 100 authentic audiences to the site. As a result, the conversion ration of the site will increase and it will boost the result of the site. So, it becomes easier for users to draw conversion.

Fraud protection Software

Brand Haters

Clickcease offers the users chance to also block the brand haters. Many people might have issues with the brand or even personal issues on brand investors. As a result, the haters will try to click on your ads and make sure that your investment goes to waste. This program can help users to stop competitors from doing that and make sure users can protect their ads from any harm. It also provides users a competitive advantage as doing this allows the users to beat the competitors in their own game and outsmart them.

ClickCease Coupon & Pricing

Actually, the price of ClickCease is completely affordable. You just have to pay $15 per month to access it for a single domain without the promo code in 2021. This is the Basic Edition that will let you monitor up to 1000 clicks. A big number of people need to monitor a bigger number of clicks. The Standard Edition is suitable to them. It is capable of dealing with 5000 clicks. Only $50 per month should be paid for it. Similarly, the Pro License is available for only USD 75 per month. It supports up to 10000 clicks and unlimited domains. A dedicated account manager is added to this license of ClickCease.

So, get the software cheaply with our discount to enjoy all the exclusive features. We hope the ClickCease coupon will fulfill your needs.