ClickAgency Discount & Coupon Code

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Have ClickAgency discount as 25% cash back on any plan purchase: Starter or Advanced. Please check the following ClickAgency image for discount.

ClickAgency discount

Instead of following an ordinary way to create a lead generation campaign, you can follow a smarter way. ClickAgency is a single solution that is suitable for creating everything regarding a lead generation project. It does not require any other additional tool or platform for this task.

Review of ClickAgency

You don’t have to depend on WordPress themes and plugins for launching websites to get more leads. Even, web hosting facilities, lead page templates, and ad creating tools are not necessary to be bought separately. We suggest a single SaaS platform that comes with all these facilities under one package. The name of that platform is ClickAgency. This solution helps newbies to generate tons of leads in a quick time. Even, experienced marketers will love using it. If the review if the lead generating software has convinced you then please purchase the software with our discount. Grab the ClickAgency coupon now.

Campaign Builder

ClickAgency provides one of the easiest way to create video lead pages. Only a few lines of texts should be filled in a form to generate such a page. Each of these pages will look gorgeous. At the same time, these will convert very quickly. Only few minutes will be required to launch a page and campaign. This solution has a built-in library containing tons of landing page templates. These templates are helpful in creating new pages very quickly. ClickAgency has a built-in video technology also. That is why, every page will support fast-loading videos to attract more visitors.


Artificial Intelligence

Another great feature of this SaaS platform is its artificial intelligence. To provide such a facility, it has a smart bot. You will be able to talk to this bot very easily and mention necessary criteria. Depending on these instructions, it will create landing pages and ads. To convert all the instructions into an output, it requires only 3 minutes. ClickAgency has a Google ad manager add relevant Google ads with targeted pages. Similarly, this solution has a Facebook ad manager to deal with profitable Facebook ads. More importantly, all its pages are mobile-friendly.

ClickAgency Discount & Pricing

The ClickAgency Starter License is available for only USD 37 without the discount. It provides 25 lead page templates. You don’t have to create a single campaign at a time. Instead, this tool will help create maximum 50 campaigns at a time. And, you can use it to create 200 ads per month by using it. There is another license named the Advanced License. To access this one, you have to pay only USD 49. It also supports 25 lead generation page templates. But, you can use it for creating 400 ads per month and 100 campaigns at a time. This license of ClickAgency has some additional facilities also. Among all these facilities, the commercial right is a great advantage. That means, it can be used for serving your customers.

Therefore, please get the software with our coupon and build full sales driving marketing campaign. For any kind query related to the ClickAgency discount please contact us.