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Get discount as% cash back. Either you purchase Plus, Pro or Extreme license through our link, you would be entitled for this% cashback on your purchase price.

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Generally, marketers purchase different marketing tools for different types of campaigns. To avoid this costly decision, you can depend on Click. This online marketing software will help making almost all kinds of marketing campaigns more profitable.

Click Review at a Glance

Every marketing campaign depends on various materials. For example, a marketer need to place clickable buttons on suitable areas to get more clicks. There should be various landing pages to convert the visitors into customers. Similarly, some other things are very important for any project. To make these things more profitable, we suggest to use Click. This online marketing software comes with several tracking, promoting, and conversion features. Purchase the product with our discount to enjoy all the major features and benefits offered. Grab the coupon now.


Offers Colorful Charts

One of the finest features of Click is its click tracking facility. This task can be done by many other tools. But, the most of these tools offer numbers and boring data to show the tracking results. This software is not like those conventional tools. Rather, it provides eye-catching and easy to understand charges and graphs regarding click tracking results. For this reason, you will be able to detect the performance of any campaign with ease. The Intelligent Split Testing is another great feature of Click. It will compare results of different clicks and landing pages. So, you will be able to find out profitable offers, prices, and headlines with ease. That means, this software will help making existing and future projects more profit grabbing.

Easy Traffic Targeting

A poor traffic targeting may cause a serious loss of potential sales and commissions. Click comes with an impressive traffic targeting facility. Sometimes, you may need to get traffic from a specific country or region. The Geo-targeting facility will help doing so. There is no need to depend on any other tool for retargeting mobile traffics. This software is helpful for redirecting mobile traffics on various landing pages. We know that, there can be some errors in results for bots, spiders, and frauds. You don’t have to worry about these things. This software will filter out all these disturbing things very efficiently. Discount and Pricing

The Pro License of is able to work with 100 thousand events per month. It also tracks 1 thousand links. To purchase this one, you have to pay only USD 34 per month without any promo code. This license is suitable for newbies, but not for professionals. The Extreme License is suggested to experienced marketers. This license can be bought by paying only USD 69 per month. It supports 1 million events per month and 10 thousand tracking links. Similarly, marketing agencies can pick the Enterprise Plan. This plan of is available for only USD 199 per month. It can work with 10 million monthly events and 100 thousand tracking links. All these licenses have the same basic features.

Hence, purchase the online marketing software cheaply with our coupon. Hopefully the discount will satisfy your needs.