Castos Review: See the Pricing on Podcast Hosting and Analytics Tool

Offering podcasts is an easy and effective way to grab more audience attractions. There are several ways to host these contents. Castos is one of the most reliable platforms to host these things. Nowadays, podcasts have become very much popular. A podcast is a series of audio or video content. It can be on different celebrities, national issues, business, and products. These contents are capable of attracting more audiences or potential customers. But, you will need several elements to make these contents more effective. For example, you may need to create a website for that. Different contents may need to be imported from different platforms. Similarly, some other tasks are there. All these tasks can easily be completed with a simple solution named Castos. Get hold of the amazing features and benefits offered by Castos with our discount coupon. Hopefully the Castos discount will be really helpful for you.

Review and Features of Castos

In general, the success of a podcast mostly depends on its clear sound. If there is no clear sound, it is not possible to attract more people. To ensure clears sounds for all the podcasts, you have to use a top quality media player. There is no need to get that thing from outside. Castos comes with a customizable media player. Every type and size of a media player may not be suitable with every website. The demand of your website may be different from others. This media player can easily be resized as per the need of a site. You will be allowed to use it on any social media page. Nowadays, it becomes possible to place a podcast media player in an email. Castos allows to do so with ease. Another important thing is, this thing can easily be embedded in any place on a site.


Supports Various Platforms

We know that there are lots of popular podcast platforms. Different users may familiar with different platforms. For this reason, Castos supports almost every popular platform. Some of these platforms are Simplecast, Libsyn, and SoundCloud etc. You will be able to import content from any of these platforms. There are some other podcast hosting solutions. The most of these solutions able to important contents from different platforms. The process of importing in these solutions is not very easy. Castos is well ahead in this case. It allows to import any podcast with just one click. You don’t have to deal with each content separately. Just mark all the items that should be imported, and click on the import button. And then, this solution will bring all those items instantly.

Audience Insights

Though there are plenty of podcast hosting platforms, only a few of these solutions offer audience insights. Generally, a podcast is a series of audios. Each of the podcasts may have several episodes. All these episodes may not attract audiences. It is very important to know these facts regarding every episode. Castos helps to do so. It shows the average duration for which audience listens each episode. So, you will be able to identify the most popular episode with ease. Similarly, the least popular episode can also be identified. It will give you an idea about what people love and what they do not. And then, you can easily make the next episodes more attractive. That means, Castos helps to make a podcast more popular.

Castos review

Podcast Website

In many cases, people use WordPress websites to post podcasts. In such cases, you have to integrate Castos with that site. This task can be done very easily. This solution is able to work with almost all kinds of WordPress sites. But sometimes, a user may need to create a podcast website. There is no need to depend on other website builder tools to generate that new site. Each customer of this solution will be allowed to generate a new website for this task. Your site will be very easily customizable. A mobile responsive design will make that site even more profitable. Instead of a clumsy design, Castos provides a clean look to its website. Hence, visitors will be able to find out and enjoy your podcasts with ease.

Castos Pricing

Castos comes with three different plans. If you are looking for a solution to publish the audio content only, then the Audio Podcasting Plan is suitable. It could be purchased by paying only USD 19 per month. You can also get its annual license by paying only 190 USD per year without the promo code. Some people like to deal with audio podcasts with a video republishing facility. In that case, the Audio w/Republishing License is recommended. In this case, you have to pay only USD 34 per month or USD 340 per year. There is another plan that only deals with video podcasts. This one can be bought by paying either $49 per month or $490 per year. All these plans of Castos are able to work with unlimited podcasts. And, you may target unlimited audience.

So, please get the podcast hosting and analytics tool cheaply with our discount. We believe, the Castos coupon will justify your requirements.