CartStack Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Have CartStack discount as 15% cash back on any plan: Basic, Pro and Agency. Please check the following CartStack image for discount.

P.S. If you sign up for the trial first, you may still claim the offer when you upgrade to the paid plan.

CartStack discount

Marketers lose a big number of potential customers from the shopping cart. But, it is possible to bring them back. In doing so, you have to use an abandoned cart email service. CartStack is a great choice for this task.

Review of CartStack

In many cases, we see that visitors add different products to shopping carts. But, they do not buy those finally. For various issues, they lose their interest in purchasing goods. Smart marketers always take these chances. They convince their potential customers when they approach to leave their carts without purchasing. If you want to become as successful as these smart marketers are, then CartStack is for you. It comes with lots of important features. Get the amazing solution with our discount. Grab the CartStack coupon now.

Email Reminders

This software is capable of monitoring customer’s behavior very closely. Whenever they will add products to their carts, it will automatically grab their data. And then, it will send a series of email reminders if they do not purchase the added products. That is why, the conversion rate will be increased very quickly. CartStack captures every data in real time. For this reason, it is more effective than any other ordinary tools. We know that, every top quality email marketing tool has a built-in split testing facility. CartStack has one too. You can use this facility to find out the potential of every message that will be sent to customers. Then, the suitable message can be selected with ease.


Eye-catching Popups

Creating and displaying popups is one of its pro features. When a customer will try to leave your site, this solution will show them eye-catching popups. These popups are suitable for showing related goods, attractive offers, discounts, and coupons. All these things will attract more people in a quick time. That means, more leads will be captured with ease. Similarly, CartStack has an ability to create and send push notifications. These notifications will knock potential customers to buy your products. Then, a big number of potential customers will be converted into actual customers.

CartStack Discount & Pricing

Every marketer does not need to deal with the same number of abandoned orders. Depending on the number of orders, price of CartStack varies. For example, if your target is working with 0 to 100 orders per month, then its Basic Plan will cost only USD 29 per month. This plan includes built in campaign optimization tools. Its Pro License is available for only USD 49 per month without any promo code. This one has some additional features. For example, you can run popup and my-cart campaigns with it. If you run large agencies, then the Agency Plan is suitable. Only USD 149 per month should be paid for it. This license supports multi-users and white-labelling facilities. CartStack can also be bought for a bigger number of orders per month.

Therefore, please purchase the abandoned card and visitor recovery email solution with our coupon. Please contact us for the CartStack discount and enjoy all the amazing features.