Carts Guru Coupon: Get Discount on Abandoned Carts Solution

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Carts Guru coupon

Lots of potential customers add various products to the cart. But, they leave without purchasing. There is a solution that can bring them back to their cart again. The name of that solution is Carts Guru.

Features and Review of Carts Guru

Every online store or eCommerce site has a shopping cart. And, it allows every customer to add their goods. Sometimes, a customer may leave your site without purchasing a good. As a smart marketer, you have to bring him back in different ways. This task can easily be done with Carts Guru. This powerful solution is capable of using various ways to reach the customers. Then, it will show them your products and offers. Please get the cool abandoned cart recovery tool with our discount coupon. The Carts Guru discount will save good amount of money on the tool.

Multi Channel Re-targeting

One of the finest features of Carts Guru is its multi-channel retargeting system. That means, it uses multiple channels to bring back the customers to their abandoned carts. For example, it comes with an email retargeting facility. Amazing templates are added in this too. Each of these templates is suitable for email marketing campaigns. It has a built in analytics facility. That is why, it will automatically find out the customers who did not purchase after adding products on cart. And, it will be very easy to send reminder emails to their accounts. Similarly, Carts Guru is capable of sending text messages to their phones. That is why, customers will know about your products even they are not logged-in to their accounts. A text messaging campaign has about 20% conversion rate.

Carts Guru

Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, no marketer should overlook Facebook and other social networks. Carts Guru supports Facebook Messenger to reach customers. It will send personalized messages to their inbox. Facebook ads retargeting is another nice feature of this solution. You will be able to find out those products that were abandoned from carts. And then, it will help to add those products to your Facebook ads. These products will be shown to every customer. Hence, they will think again to get those. Carts Guru has an impressive coupon management facility too.

Carts Guru Coupon and Pricing

There is no need to be worried about the pricing of this solution. According to this post creating time, the Starter License is available for only USD 9.99 per month. It includes 100 SMSs. For every carts retargeted, its cost is only 0.59 USD without the promo code. The Medium License can be bought by paying only 199/month. This one includes 500 carts retargeted. You have to pay only 0.39 USD for every additional cart. Similarly, the Performance License of Carts Guru is available for only 199 USD per month. But, it will charge 3% of the revenue that is generated by this solution. That means, there should not be any question about its performance. Each of these three licenses has the same features and facilities.

So, grab the latest discount and enjoy amazing abandoned cart recovery tool at a lower price. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the Carts Guru coupon.