Carbonite Review & Pricing Plan

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Carbonite will help to store that data and keep your precious data safe from any kind of harm or issues at all.  It will show how you can keep your data safe from any kind of harm at any moment and time and drive conversion faster. Carbonite has cloud backup that allows you to keep storage of all the data almost straight away as soon as you start using this application.


Carbonite Review

Carbonite has many other advantages included. For example, with this application, you can store all the data as a backup in the cloud for only 6 dollars. The software does the cloud backup online, as a result, you do not have to store things on your computer which provides an incredible advantage for you. Even if you want to add the videos in the cloud backup. You can add it in automatic cloud backup and store the data there. It also allows you to make access to remote data faster. As a result, you can access all the important data remotely as well as you can keep all the big hard disks and back them up according to your need.

Highlights of the Application

Carbonite will show the proper way of keeping data secure from any kind of viruses as well. You can also scan data in a complete drive and figures out if there is any virus in the data that can corrupt all the documents. As a result, you can completely make sure that what kind of data you want to store on your site. Carbonite provides proper and advanced protection from external threats to the site. You can make sure that no viruses attack the site at any point. It also helps to protect your disk from the common form of data loss. As a result, you will save your computer from any kind of packet data loss.

Carbonite review

Data Backup up to 25 Computers

Carbonite can provide data security for external computers on as many as you want. You can keep the data secure for up to 25 computers almost straight away and keep your all data safe at all the moment. Carbonite also allows monitoring of the data all the time. You can monitor all the data and see how it is working and the advantages and disadvantages of it. It also provides data retention requirements to keep storing the data properly.

Pricing Plans of Carbonite

Carbonite has a selection of the packages based on the computers you decide to back up the data off. For keeping backup of data from 1 to 3 computers, the price will be only 6 dollars. The price for up to 25 computers is set at only 24 dollars per month. The price for computers and servers is set at only 50 dollars per month.