Capsa Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Enterprise License – Single Seat Perpetual License – 1 Year Maintenance

Enterprise License – 5 Seat Perpetual License – 1 Year Maintenance

Standard License – Single Seat Perpetual License – 1 Year Maintenance

Professional License – Single Seat Perpetual License – 1 Year Maintenance

Capsa discount

Every network should be monitored and analyzed properly. If you own a business network, then you should use a powerful network analyzer to save business data. Capsa is a reliable, powerful, and affordable network analyzing software.

Review of Capsa

Generally, business owners hire professional network experts to analyze and monitor their networks. Actually, this task is for experts. But, if you get a suitable solution, then it is possible to become an expert in no time. Though most of the network analyzing tools is not reliable, Capsa is a recommendable option. This software is powerful, and very easy to use. Get the software with our provided discount and enjoy all the latest features and benefits offered. Grab the Capsa coupon now.

Powerful Analysis

One of the finest features of Capsa is its VoIP analysis facility. It is capable of capturing and analyzing each and every VoIP call. After analyzing, this software will provide a reliable results. Depending on these results, you can take necessary steps to make your networks better. Whenever any alarm will be triggered, this software will give an email notification. Along with that, it is able to play a sound for every notification. The task scheduler is another impressive feature of Capsa. Sometimes, it can be very important to run packet captures on time. Then, each of these packets should be analyzed properly. But, you may be busy at that particular time. In that case, this software is very useful. Its task scheduler will automatically complete every task on time. You just have to set the schedule for a day, or a week.


Packet Decoding

For every network analyzing tool, packet decoding is a very important thing to look at. Ordinary network analyzing solutions cannot decode packets on every network. But, this one is not an ordinary solution. All types of packets will be decoded with ease. Network security analysis is another great feature of Capsa. This software can detect every DDoS and ARP attack. All kinds of worm activities will be detected by it also. This software is able to scan every TCP port efficiently.

Capsa Discount and Pricing

As per 2021, Capsa has two licenses for the Enterprise plan. One of these licenses is free of cost. This one is capable of monitoring up to 10 IP addresses. And, its session timeout length is only 4 hours. So, you can use it for testing the performance. But, the Enterprise Edition is for professional projects. It can be bought by paying only USD 995 without any promo code. This one is suitable for monitoring unlimited IP addresses. And, you will enjoy an unlimited session timeout length. Another important thing is it can work with multiple projects at a time. Each of its report is suitable for sharing and printing. Thought, Capsa Enterprise is a paid product, you don’t have to pay any initial fee. This license has a 30-day trial facility. So, use it for a month and then purchase the license if you like it.

Hence, get the network analyzer cheaply with our latest coupon. Hopefully, the Capsa discount will offer exciting features and advantages.