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CallPage Discount

Lots of professional companies offer a free call back facility to their websites. Along with a live chatting facility, a call back facility is more useful for the customers. CallPage allows to add this important facility on any domain.

Review of the CallPage at a Glance

It is possible to engage more potential customers by offering a calling facility. There are a few reliable tools that can add a “call back” widget on any domain. CallPage is one of these solutions. It offers a very easy way to do so. You just have to spend 5 minutes to set this tool up. Then, it will show every customer a call widget that will ask for their contact number. Then, the customer manager of your company can easily contact them via a mobile or landline phone. If you liked the CP review, then please purchase with our discount. The CallPage coupon is going to be useful.

Use Custom Widgets

A potential customer may not be agreed to spend money by making calls to you. For this reason, CallPage provides a very impressive call back facility. Firstly, it will show a page to every potential customer. That page will ask permission to the customers about whether they want to get a call from you within just 28 seconds. By this manner, it is able to collect the phone number of each customer. Now, the page that will be shown to a customer must be attractive. CallPage allows to customize that page with ease. A built-in CSS editor adds to it. This tool allows to customize almost everything of that page. For example, you will be able to use custom texts and backgrounds. Sometimes, it can be necessary to add own photos. This tool will allow to do so with ease.


Built-in Analytics

There is no need to depend on any other tools to get the customer’s information. This solution will very easy collect that. At the same time, it has a built in storing capability for saving the call history. So, you can easily find out the most interested customers with ease. Similarly, CallPage has a call recording functionality. Sometimes, a website may have several call managers. Judging each of their performance is very important. You can judge it by listening to call recordings. This software will save call histories for every advertising channel separately. So, it will be very easy to check these advertising channels-based call histories and to measure their potentials. Similarly, CallPage is capable of analyzing the performance of every traffic source. Sometimes, it can be necessary to work with Google Analytics. This tool is compatible with that also.

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Ensures More Conversion

Every website owner wants to get more conversions. That means, they want that more visitors get converted into customers. There are many tools that can make this conversion during the working hours. But sometimes, it may not be possible to offer a customer calling facility 24/7. That is why, those ordinary tools cannot convert the visitors 24/7. CallPage has a nice solution to this problem. When a manager is available, this software will let him contact the manager directly. But, if no manager is available, it will show another widget. That widget will ask the contact number of a visitor and tell him that a manager will call back very soon. It will put a positive image in customer’s mind. So, there will be a higher conversion rate. A “Leave a Message” option can also be added to it. This feature on CallPage will allow a visitor to leave a text.

CallPage review

Know Your Visitors

Though, this tool is mainly a customer calling system, it has some additional features. After installing this one to your website, there is no need to depend on any other email grabber tool. It can generate a page that will ask the email address of every customer. Names, addresses, occupation, and other necessary data can also be accessed by this tool. CallPage is able to add various types of eye-catchers. An eye-catcher is actually a graphic content that shows a little message to every visitor. This software has a gallery containing these graphics. You are also allowed to upload own contents for this task. Another important thing is to send an SMS notification to every customer after a successful call. CallPage has a built in short messaging system.

CallPage Discount and Pricing Plans

Several plans of Call Page are available. It Starter Plan allows maximum 40 calls in every month. And, it supports only one domain. You just have to pay $59 per month excluding the discount to use this one. The Professional License of this product supports maximum 200 calls per month. Its monthly cost is only $199, according to 21 January 2019. It will allow you to use the widget on two different domains. Similarly, Call Page Premium supports 3 domains and maximum 700 calls in a month. This plan is available for only 499 USD/month. The Enterprise License of CallPage is a custom one. It can be bought for any amount of calls and domains. Depending on these numbers, its price will vary.

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