CakeHR Discount: Remarkable Coupon on HR Management

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Enjoy nice 15% cash back on your 1st Invoice, which is providing as CakeHR discount. Please check CakeHR image below for the discount.

CakeHR Discount

Human resource management is one of the most important part of any organization management process. This important task can easily be done with a very simple software. The name of this solution is CakeHR. Instead of hiring any HR professional, you can rely on this amazing software.

Features and Review of CakeHR

Every day, there can be several issues regarding the employees. Some of them may need a leave. Some of them may be irregular. And some, of them can resign from the job. Similarly, some employees may deserve promotions and transfers. To manage all these important tasks is the duty of a human resource manager. But, hiring a professional in this field is very much costly. Instead of doing so, you can take help from the CakeHR. This is a top quality human resource management software. It comes with a big number of features and facilities. Enjoy the excellent CHR features and facilities with our discount. We believe, you will find the CakeHR coupon helpful.


Get Detailed Report

CakeHR is capable of generating some detailed reports. For every employee, it can generate a separate report. Similarly, it can create a report for the entire company. There is no difficulty in getting these reports. You can get with just a click. When your company will grow, there will be an increasing number of employees. So, it is very important to watch the duty and performance of each of these employees. CakeHR will let you do that with ease. From a single management console, you will be able to watch all these.

Manage with Ease

There are some ordinary software and tools, which can be accessed from a specific device. But, this one has an on-the-go facility. For this reason, it will let you manage your human resources from any computer and mobile device. Some other apps can be necessary to manage a team and provide some extra facilities. CakeHR is very much helpful in doing that also. It can be integrated with the Slack and various Google apps. Different tasks should be assigned to different employees. This software has an assignment management tool. This tool, will help you see all the available tasks and assign those tasks to different employees.

CakeHR Discount and Pricing Plan

There are different types of tools, which come with various pricing plans. But, CakeHR does not provide different plans. Rather, it comes with only one license. The cost of this license is very small that everyone can afford it. According to 21 May 2018, this product can be purchased by paying only 3.30 USD/user per month without the discount. There is no hidden fee with this price. That is why, you can get it for as many users as needed. Before paying for the CakeHR, you can use its trial version. It can be used for 14 days. And, you can cancel the license anytime.

Therefore, please avail the HR software at a cheaper price with our coupon. For any inquiry on the CakeHR discount, please drop us an email.