BundleHunt Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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BundleHunt Discount

It is very easy to find out some Windows software bundles. But, the Mac users always struggle to find out these useful bundles. BundleHunt can help them very impressively. This platform allows the customers to create their necessary bundles and purchase those.

Review of BundleHunt at Glance

We know about some companies that provide different types of software bundles. But, these bundles are not always useful. Suppose, a bundle has five different products. One of these products is very important to you. Two of them are useful. But, the other two tools are not necessary at all. But still, you have to purchase those because of 3 useful ones. This problem can be solved by using BundleHunt. It does not provide any kind of fixed bundles. Rather, it provides some impressive software. You can easily select some of these tools and create a useful bundle. Avail these useful tools with our discount. Grab the BundleHunt coupon today. Let’s see some of these tools along with their features:

iPhone Manager

iMazing is one of the best products available at BundleHunt. Sometimes, you may want to use a software to transfer the music, messages, and other files from iPhones to your computer. iMazing is very useful to do this task. There is no need to take any help from iCloud or iTunes to run this operation. A mobile phone storage may contain different types of precious messages. These messages can easily be handled by this product of BundleHunt. Even, you will be able to save, print, and send these messages with ease. iMazing is capable of working with the contents of various languages, including, English, Dutch, and French.


Handle Disk Space

Low capacity in SSD-drive is always a big problem. To handle this problem, you can use CloudMounter. This solution will let you use your cloud drive as a local one. There are some solutions which cannot mount the cloud drives well. But, this one is capable of doing so very efficiently. Similarly, it also ensures a big encryption for the cloud data. This product of BundleHunt supports various cloud platforms. Some of these platforms are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Dropbox, etc.

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Other Highlights of the Application

Bundlehunt allows the users to synchronize the folders and find the folders and set up the navigation with the keyboard. So it will make it easier for the users to access any folder with very ease. Users can access different types of folders on their fingertips. It provides a quick and creative way for the users to copy and paste product from one folder to another folder with very ease. Users just need to make a few clicks and they will be able to do it.  Users can even do extreme customization that will allow the users to access the files in many different ways with very ease. BundleHunt provides also an app that allows the users to monitor the function of the temperature of CPU, apps, and other stuff of IOS.

As a result, users will be able to understand the time that their IOS device starts with overly heating. It also helps users to understand the amount of battery capacity and health the IOS device has. Bundlehunt also offers a product that can help users to scan and save all their WhatsApp conversation within just a few clicks. So for all the WhatsApp conversions of MacOS, users will be able to keep the backup. As a result, users will not lose any relevant information about the WhatsApp conversation.

MacOS & Windows Bundle

Extract Chat History

Bundlehunt provides an easy way for the users to extract the chat history. It will provide a complete history with a few clicks. Users can even transfer the chat history from their IOS device to the computer within few clicks. Users can also save their WhatsApp chat history using their WhatsApp pocket. Users just need one click to save the conversation in their MacOS computer system. Users can also go forward and recover important chat messages that were mistakenly deleted. Users will be able to recover all those text messages and use them in the future.

BundleHunt Coupon Code & Pricing

I have mentioned only two popular tools. But, BundleHunt provides many others. Some of these products are FaceFilter 3 Pro, Corel AfterShot Pro 3, and Forklift. The actual value of each of these products is over 20 USD excluding the discount in 2021. But, there is no need to pay for these that much. First of all, you have to pay only $5 to purchase a bundle license. Then, it will allow you to add various software and tools for a very small fee. For example, iMazing will cost only $7, as per December 25, 2018. To add CloudMounter, only 1.5 USD should be paid. Similarly, the price of each these important tools starts from 1 USD only. That means, you have to spend only a little to grab the desired Mac Bundle from BundleHunt.

Therefore, please get the premium resource pack by using our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the BundleHunt discount.