Breezy HR Coupon: Special Discount on Recruiting Software

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Buy Breezy HR Startup or Business license and get amazing 10% cash back as Breezy HR coupon. Even if you signup for the trial first and then upgrade to the paid plan, you are still eligible for the offer (only make sure that you are going through our above ‘Redeem’ link, so that we get the sales credit)

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Breezy HR Coupon

In this modern era, you have to think about everything smartly. It is the time to modernize the employee recruiting process. There are some online employee recruiting platforms. Among those, Breezy HR is one of the most popular and reliable platforms.

Breezy HR Review and Features

In every organization, there are various posts and positions for the employees. The job responsibilities and specifications are different for each of these posts. While recruiting multiple employees for different posts, you have to deal with them differently. Separate circulars should be posted. Interested persons will post their resumes. They have to go through some selection processes. Finally, some of them will be selected. To complete all these tasks, you may need to waste several days. Breezy HR comes with a great solution to this problem. This online platform does all these tasks in a quick time. That means, you will get your desired employees just in time. Enjoy these HBR functionalities with our discount coupon. The Breezy HR discount will be useful. Here are some major features and facilities of this platform:

Easy Candidate Management

Breezy HR comes with a very easy candidate management program. This program has a drag and drop facility. You will be allowed to deal with various types of interviews. Similarly, it helps to provide a multi-step interview process. A very rich candidate database is another great feature of Breezy HR. It helps to find out some suitable candidates very easily. Then, you can know about every candidate in details. These details can be collaborated with the team of yours to get a score for every candidate. Then, this solution will let you email them and set a meeting with them.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR Coupon and Multiple Pricing Facilities

This solution comes with three different paid plans. The Startup Plan of Breezy HR comes is available for only 149 USD/month is a yearly billing system. Each and every feature discussed till now is added to this license. Compared to this one, the Business Plan is much more cost effective and feature rich. It can be accessed by paying only 299 USD per month, excluding the coupon, as per 2018. It comes with a video interview recording facility. It supports an automated job approval facility too. There is a custom plan named Breezy HR Pro. It has an advanced reporting facility. All these licenses are capable of dealing with unlimited positions and candidate pools.

Some Advanced Features

Selecting some candidates is not the only important thing. You have to deal with some other stages to hire a top quality employee. In doing so, it is very much essential to check the background of every candidate. Breezy HR is capable of doing that. In a resume, a person can add various references. To check whether these references are correct, this platform has a reference checking facility. It is also very helpful in providing some training facilities to the employees.

So, please have the cool recruiting software with our discount. We believe, you are going to love the Breezy HR coupon in 2018 purchase.