Brand24 Discount: Avail Coupon and Pricing on SMM Tool

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Brand24 discount

To grow business, it is very important to use various social networks. You have to find out what people are talking about your brand. This task can easily be done with Brand24.

Review and Features of Brand24

There are only a few tools that can find out social media trends about a brand or company. And, the most of these tools are not reliable at all. Compared to those ordinary tools, Brand24 is more effective. A big number of companies regularly use this solution. Another important thing is, this one is suitable for dealing with personal and professional campaigns. If you are satisfied with the monitoring tool review then purchase the tool using our discount. We hope, this amazing Brand24 coupon of social media monitor tool will be very helpful for you.

Discover Mentions

There must be a big number of mentions and discussions about your company or brand on different social networks. Brand 24 is capable of discovering these mentions very efficiently. It will also find out what people are discussing about that. Depending on these discussions, you will be able to take necessary steps with ease. There is no need to do so much work in doing this task. You just have to click on your mouse once to do so. After discovering the discussions, Brand 24 will show a chart. This chart will show discussion volumes in various periods. So, you will be understand the effects of your steps. And, you will also be able to understand what steps should be taken in the futures. Sentiment (positive/negative) analysis is another nice feature of this solution.


Notification System

An advanced notification system has made this solution more effective. You can use this notification system as per necessity. For example, it is possible to turn the notification on for a particular number of negative mentions. This solution is able to send such notifications via emails. And, an in-app notification facility is also there. Brand24 comes with a data filtering facility. This facility helps to narrow down the research data in terms of various factors. For example, you can get a separate report for positive mentions only. It can create reports in PDF format. Hence, you can print and share any report with ease.

Brand24 Discount and Pricing

Brand24 is suitable for all kinds of users. It has three different licenses. Each of these licenses is affordable. The Plus License of this product is capable of dealing with only 5 keywords. It can discover up to 50k mention in a month. You just have to pay $49 per month to enjoy this license. The Premium Plan can be bought by paying only $99 per month, as of this post creating time. It is able to find out 40k mentions per month. And, this software will update its result in every hour. The Brand24 Max is available for only 399 USD per month without our discount. It supports 25 keywords and 1 million mentions per month. This plan is strongly recommended for its real-time update facility.

Hence, please get the exclusive monitoring tool with our coupon at a reasonable price. Please contact with us for any information about Brand24 discount.