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Botkeeper discount

Bookkeeping is an important thing for all kinds of businesses. Instead of taking help from accountants, you can do it very simply by using Botkeeper. It is a combination of a bookkeeping service and a software.

Review and Features of Botkeeper

There are various types of bookkeeping software. All these are not suitable for your business. A business may need a specialized tool for this task. So, you should depend on a solution that works as a software with human touch. Botkeeper is an excellent choice for it. This solution will serve as per your business needs. The most important thing is, it can be bought by paying a small amount. Get the product cheaply with our discount. Grab the Botkeeper coupon now.

Efficient Deployment Process

Different companies run different types of businesses. Hence, different types of bookkeeping systems may be required for those. Botkeeper does not provide a single software for all companies. First of all, the team of it will work with your business for several hours. They will know every detail and fine-tune the existing software. You may work with a trustworthy system. This bookkeeping software will work with that system very well. Reconciliation is an important part of the bookkeeping. Botkeeper will do this task every month. It will do this for every account. Another important part is to categorize the transactions. This software will create different categories. Then, you will get the necessary reports containing all the transactions and their categories. Sometimes, there can be a necessity of adjusting books. A group of expert accountants will do this task for you.


Botkeeper Discount and Pricing

Different types of plans are available for Botkeeper. The Essentials Plan can be bought by spending only $99 per month without any promo code. This one is able to handle up to 50 transactions. And, it will work for 4 hours in a month. Cash basis bookkeeping will be done by this license. The Simple Plan works for 8 hours a month. 50 transactions can be handled by it. Both cash and accrual based bookkeeping will be done by this solution. You have to spend $299 per month to use it. Similarly, Grow and Scale Plans are available for only USD 599 and USD 899 per month. These are capable of dealing with up to 110 and 200 transactions respectively. Botkeeper also has a custom license. You can take help from it to deal with any number of transactions.

Some Other Features

Sometimes, you may need to deal with lots of other applications and platforms to display your data. In those cases, this software is a very useful. It is capable of connecting with a big number of applications and platforms. Some of these platforms are QuickBooks Online,, TSheets, Quantcast, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Botkeeper has an interactive dashboard. It will help you to control everything with ease. This solution has a built in document manager also.

Hence, if you are satisfied with the review please purchase the product with our coupon. Hopefully the Botkeeper discount will really helpful for you.