Booster Theme Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Buy any license through us and avail Booster Theme discount as 15% cash back. Please check the Booster Theme image below for discount.

Booster Theme discount

Shopify stores are very easy to create. But, creating a store professional cannot be done by using an ordinary theme. That is why, we suggest to use the Booster Theme for this task. This professional product is very easy to use.

Booster Theme Review and Features

A top quality Shopify store can be used for generating a big profit. Even an ordinary theme is capable of creating such a store very quickly. But, that site will not bring the desired profit. You have to add customer-friendly facilities to a store to bring more profit. Booster Theme is able to generate every store with all those important facilities. It comes with various important features. Get the product with our discount and enjoy all the latest features. Grab the Booster Theme coupon now.

Quick Sales Notifications

Different kinds of social notifications may increase the total sales very quickly. This product is capable of showing such notifications on your web pages. These alerts will create an urgency in the customer’s mind. More importantly, they will trust on your shop. Booster Theme is able to show the upsell popups. This feature is very important for boosting the average order value. By using these popups, you can offer complementary goods to every customer. It will improve the buying experience of customers. At the same time, your profit will be increased. Another important feature of the Booster Theme is its collection cross-selling facility. Whenever a customer will purchase a product, it will show some other products that are related to the purchased one. It will motivate every customer to buy more goods.

Booster Theme

Booster Theme Discount and Pricing

Everybody may not need Booster Theme for the same number of stores. That is why, it has three different types of licenses. The Single License of this solution can be used in only one store. You have to pay only USD 179 to grab it without any promo code. The 2-License can be bought for 2 Shopify stores. It is available for only USD 297. Similarly, another license is there to work with 5 different stores. You have to pay only USD 497 to grab this plan. Each of these licenses of Booster Theme comes with a built-in updater app. This app will keep adding new features to this theme automatically.

Scarcity Timers Feature

Generally, marketers use a separate tool to add scarcity timers to their websites. But, you don’t have to purchase such a tool separately. This theme helps its users add a promotion timer to every page. These counters will make people buy quickly. That means, the profit will be generated more quickly. Every top quality Shopify store should have a clean and informative menu. Booster Theme is capable of adding such menu with ease. It will show every product in an attractive way. Nowadays, a professional website should have a video integration facility. This theme allows integrating various videos to every store.

So, get the themes cheaply with our coupon in 2021. Hopefully, the Booster Theme discount will satisfy your needs.