Boomr Discount: Excellent Coupon on Employee Time Tracking

Grab Boomr discount as 15% cash back for monthly/annual license of Standard or Business plan. Please check below Boomr image for this discount.

Boomr Discount

Boomr is a type of program that can help users in many ways. It can help the users to find out the correct way to advance a project. Users will be able to track the time and pay their employees based on the work and contribution made to the project. It can track the work hours of the employee.

Monitoring and Review of Boomr

Boomr can track every single hour of the employee so that users can charge the employee based on the hours they worked and users will be able to charge the employee the most efficient way possible. Users will be able to get the alerts of the overtime. When users can see the overtime alerts, users will be able to know which employee is putting more effort in the company. It will also help the users to understand which employee deserves the reward the most. As a result, users also will be able to know which employee is not providing the result based on its full potential. If you liked the Boomr review, then please purchase with our discount. The Boomr coupon is going to be really helpful.

As a result, users will be able to push the business further. Users will be able to track the time very easily, the work hours can be tracked by the minutes of the employees. It will also help to understand the efficiency of the employees. It is because some employees are so efficient that they can do a lot of work in a short time.

Reduce Time theft

Boomr will help the users to keep their project to the budget. It will help users to save themselves from the time theft. No one will be able to ask the payment more than the time they actually worked. As a result, users will have the benefit of it. Users will be able to monitor the employee performance all the time also to make sure that who is wasting time and who is using time.


Save time

Boomr will help to save the time of working on employees time. It will help to eliminate the function of the HR division. It can help so much that users will be able to cut down 40 hours of work of the HR managers and it will provide accurate results. The GPS location tracking of this application will help the employer to find the location of the employees. It will help the users to know what are the employees are doing in their work hours and where are they going.

Boomr Coupon Code & Pricing

Boomr allows the users to review the timesheets easily. Allowing the users to understand the employees work better before actually billing their payment. This program standard package and business package. The standard package is 5 dollars per users. The pro package is priced at only 9 dollars per users excluding the discount. Both of these packages unlimited employee time sheets.

Hence, get the employee time tracking and workforce management software with our coupon. We hope, you will enjoy the Boomr discount.