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BlogVault discount

It is a fact that there are so many software and tools for backing up and migrating WordPress sites. But, only a few tools are capable of running these operations efficiently. BlogVault is one of these efficient solutions.

Review of BlogVault

Just a few years ago, people used to use different tools for backing up, restore, and migrate WordPress sites. But now, it is possible to use only a single solution to do all these tasks. BlogVault is a recommendable solution for these things. We suggest it for various reasons. One of the main reasons is its amazing features. And, its price is very impressive also. Get the WordPress plugin easily with our discount. Grab the BlogVault coupon now.

Efficient Backup

BlogVault comes with an impressive backup facility. It can create backups very easily. Many other solutions are there that can create WordPress backups. But, these backups are only available when the site is online. You will not face this problem while using BlogVault. It will keep the backups available even when the site is off. The offline backup facility has made this solution strongly recommended. Now, let’s see what types of files can be backed up by this amazing solution. It is capable of storing all kinds of pages, themes, plugins, widgets, and WordPress database. Another important thing is, there can be different types of media files on every site. All these media files can easily be stored by this solution. And, you will be able to restore these files with a few clicks.


WordPress Migration

People purchase WordPress migration services by paying a big amount. BlogVault comes with an impressive WordPress migration facility. While migrating a site, you may need to use different web hosts. This solution supports more than 10 thousand hosts all over the world. There are different migration facilities. All these facilities are not as fast as it is. This solution is at least 80% faster than other solutions. It ensures zero downtime. And, it can be considered as a complete website migration facility.

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Highlights of the Application

Blogvault has the backup system that will not overwhelm the users of the site and make sure that it keeps on backing up the site of the users in constant motion without any issues at all. It provides a multi-site backup plugin so that users can keep on backing up their data for multiple sites without any issues at all. It can make the website recover at a very fast pace. Unlike other application, users do not even need to spend a massive amount of time to make the backup.

Blogvault does all the backup with 70 percent more precision and drives more conversion to the site. It has a one-click system to make sure that users can easily manage the push change to the live site. The migration of this application can be 70 percent faster than other applications. The program has zero downtime, so users need to worry about not being able to access to backup file of the site. Even migrating to the new domain and hosting, users can do that with complete ease or any issue. The software does not have an extra cost as it is more affordable for users.

WP Backup plugin

Automatic Rewrite

Blogvault allows the users to rewrite of the website URL. Users can customize the URL of the website within a few steps and create a new URL. It has been approved by more than 5 thousand web hosts, which means users will have no issue with their web host to integrate the application with the website. It has a centralized dashboard that allows the users to manage all the tasks from one central place, as a result, there is no much work involved with this application. Users can do backup, staging, and other types of work in one central place.

Blogvault also offers the facility of checking up the performance of the website regularly. Users can check how the website is performing, whether it is performing better or even worse.

BlogVault Discount & Pricing

BlogVault comes with three different licenses. The Basic License of the solution is suitable for only one website. It can buy by paying only USD 7.4 per month without any promo code in 2021. Its backup archive facility will be available for only 90 days. And, its backup sync frequency is daily. The Plus License is available only for $12.4 per month. It also includes an impressive backup facility. Along with that, WordPress security service is also available for every site. You can manage only a single site by using it. Sometimes, users may need to use the backup archive for more days. In that case, the BlogVault Advanced is suitable. It can buy by paying only USD 20.75 per month. The validity of its vault archive is one year. All these licenses are also available with a yearly payment facility.

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