BigSpy Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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BigSpy discount

Spying on ads on different platforms is very important if you want to make more money from your ads. BigSpy is helpful in spying on various types of ads. It can be considered as one of the most efficient ad spy tools.

BigSpy Review

A big number of people often post different types of ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. But, the most of them create these ads without watching already successful ones. That is why, their ads do not convert the number of people they want to. To solve this problem, we recommend to use an efficient ad spy tool first. BigSpy is a great software for this task. This ad spy software has a free and two paid licenses. Get the ads spy tool with our discount. Grab the BigSpy coupon now. Let’s see some of its top features:

Multiple Platforms

Sometimes, people use multiple ad spy tools for multiple platforms. You don’t have to do that at all. First of all, one or more platform should be selected. Depending on the number of platforms, you have to pick a suitable license of BigSpy. This software supports up to six platforms. These platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, and YouTube. Like other ad spy tools, this software is also capable of spying on any published ad. At the same time, it has some other facilities. For example, it can easily find out daily trending ads. That means, it is able to work in new and trending niches.


A Big Database

Another very important thing regarding this software is its big database. Its database allows to access more than one billion ads. A powerful ad searching option is there. You have to enter one or more keywords and hit the search button. Then, this software will instantly show a bigger number of ads regarding these keywords. BigSpy also has an impressive filtering option so that users can find out the ads they look for with ease. For an example, they are allowed to filter ads based on countries, date, and niche, etc.

BigSpy Discount & Pricing

Actually, BigSpy is a free ad spy software. Its Free License is available only for Facebook. It supports 10 queries every day. As it has limited filtering capability, we do not suggest it for professional projects. To deal with professional ad projects, you have to purchase any of its two paid licenses. The Basic License supports 25 queries every day. This one is capable of working with both the Facebook and Instagram. Its unlimited filtering and search features will help boost any ad campaign very quickly. You have to spend only $9 per month to access this one without any promo code in 2021. On the other hand, BigSpy Pro can be bought by spending only $99 per month. It is suitable for working on all the platforms mentioned above. It allows to spy on any number of ads per day.

Therefore, get the tool with our coupon. We hope the BigSpy discount will help you to earn money from your ads.