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Batch and Print Discount

Batch and Print Review

Batch and Print is an application that can help the users to batch the documents for printing out. Sometimes users need to print a lot of documents at the same time. Every time users want to print they need to open the document and then click on printing. In a way it seems time consuming for the users. Therefore, users can use Batch and Print and save their time as users will be able to print automatically from the list. Get the time saving software today with our discount. Just follow the BP image instructions to get the Batch and Print coupon.

Important Features

Batch and Print saves a lot of time of the users. Just to say as an example, printing the documents one by one is not that easy work and users need to spend a lot of time for it. Therefore, to make the work easy, users can just simply use this application. It is simple and anyone with decent skill can use it. As the program also prints the document in a sequence. As users will not miss the sequence on printing.

The only thing users need to do is to put the documents into the sequence to get printed. The program does the directory monitoring. So users get a chance to keep the track of the directory. The program helps to do email monitoring, users can also keep track on their email address by this tool. Users also can schedule the printing ahead of time. The program will print the application according to the time set for printing.

Batch and Print also can be used to print the document directly from the internet. Which means users get to print the documents they want without downloading it. It is one of the big advantages that users get for using this application. The program can be used by only using drag and drop option by the users. So users can save, load and export just by using the drag and drop option. The program also helps to print out the document even if the users have more than one printer. Users can simply select which printer they want to print from and which date.

Batch Print Enterprise

Full Command and Support

Batch and Print recognizes all sense of command. The program also even recognizes the command of pages. So the program can count how many pages is it in each document. The users also get to append the printing into one file with this tool.

Batch and Print Discount and Price

Batch and Print has overall 2 types of licenses to offer. Both of the licenses come with upgrade protection. The standard license has been priced at only 69.95 dollars excluding the discount. The upgrade of the document is totally protected. It includes free minor upgrades. The premium upgrade protection has been priced at only 99 dollars for the users. So both of these packages are affordable.

Therefore, grab the mass printing software with our coupon. We believe that the Batch and Print discount is going to be enjoyed by you.