Automatic Email Manager Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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Automatic Email Manager

Automatic Email Manager Perpetual license

Automatic Email Manager coupon

While running a company or business, you may need to deal with thousands of emails each week. These emails can easily be processed by a top quality email management tool. Automatic Email Manager is a great software for this task.

Automatic Email Manager Review

It is possible to process bulk emails without even a click. A top quality tool is required for that. There are lots of tools that can process these messages. But, the most of these tools are not capable of working with attachments properly. That is why, we request to purchase the Automatic Email Manager. This software can process mails with attachments within a few minutes. If you are satisfied with the review of email management tool then purchase with our coupon. Grab the Automatic Email Manager discount now.

Advanced Printing Facility

Sometimes, we need to print emails. The manual process of this task is very difficult. You have to copy the texts, download attachments, and finally print those. All these tasks can easily be done by using Automatic Email Manager. It supports both HTML and text formats. Another important thing is to save the email body. This software is capable of saving emails in different formats. Some of these formats are PDF, texts, MSG, images and others. After creating these files, you are allowed to save those on any disk. That disk can be either a local or a network storage. Along with the email body, Automatic Email Manager is able to save the attachments in different formats. This list of formats include Excel, PDF, and Word, etc. Sometimes, users may need to create a big file by merging multiple attachments. This software is capable of doing so.

Automatic Email Manager

Easy Replying Process

This software is able to process emails. At the same time, it is capable of sending, replying, forwarding, and deleting all kinds of mails. Each reply can be with or without attachments. To delete the mails, there is no need to do anything special. Just mention a date and time to delete specific contents. Then, this software will automatically delete from the selected folders. Another important thing is Automatic Email Manager is able to copy and move mails from a folder to another. It can perform this operation even on a server. After processing emails, this tool helps change flags of those.

Automatic Email Manager Coupon and Pricing

The volume discount is a nice feature of Automatic Email Manager. It has two types of licenses. One is subscription licenses. In this case, if you purchase 2 to 4 units, then only $65 should be paid for each without the promo code. If this number of units increases from 5 to 10, then the unit cost will be $59. Similarly, the price will be cheaper for a bigger number of licenses. Similarly, the perpetual licenses are very much attractive. You just have to pay USD 199 for a single perpetual license of Automatic Email Manager. From 2 to 4 licenses, its unit cost will be decreased to USD 189. Similarly, you will get more discounts for more licenses.

So, purchase the software cheaply with our discount to automate email processes. Hopefully, the Automatic Email Manager coupon will satisfy your needs.