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AuthoritySpy discount

Influencing people and bloggers are very much profitable for all kinds of online projects. But, you have to find out these people first. AuthoritySpy helps find them out with ease.

A Small Review of AuthoritySpy

It is fact that there are various data sources to find out influencers. It is very tough to work with these sources manually. And, there are only a few tools that are useful for this task. AuthoritySpy is one of these solutions. This single platform will aggregate data from all the popular sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Blog Search, and Followerwonk, etc. Purchase the product with our discount to enjoy all the features and benefits offered. Grab the AuthoritySpy coupon now.


Search Influencers Features

There are a few other tools that help finding out a big number of influencers. But, the most of these tools are either costly, or difficult to use, or both. AuthoritySpy has none of those problems. This solution is very easy to use. You just have to insert a search term. Then, it will provide thousands of influencers related to that term. Another important thing is, it will not take much time doing so. Only a few seconds are enough to get the desired result. We know that there are a big number of authority blogs out there. Some of these blogs have a large active audience. These blogs are profitable for various campaigns. AuthoritySpy is able to find out these authority blogs with ease. This solution is able to add authority ranking to each result. So, it will be very easy to pick more useful influencers with ease.

Easy Project Builder

There is no need to depend on other tools for creating new projects. This solution allows to do so with ease. You can create projects for any niche. Another important thing is, it will let you work with multiple campaigns at a time. While finding out a new influencer or authority, this software will find out their Facebook profiles. So, reaching them will be easier for you. AuthoritySpy is able to provide language based results. That means, you can use search terms in any language. Similarly, company specific data and country specific data can also be found by it.

AuthoritySpy Discount and Pricing

The Basic Plan of AuthoritySpy is available for only $27, which is its one-time fee without any promo code. This one is helpful for finding out Twitter and Facebook Influencers. And, this license will find out results up to 250. The Pro License can be bought by paying a one-time fee of $47. This one can provide maximum 500 results. It provides Google blog searches, Alltop results, and Technorati results. With several additional features, the AuthoritySpy Platinum License is available. You have to pay USD 47 once, and USD 17 per month to enjoy this one. This license provides some amazing enhancements to each result.

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