Audiencefy Coupon & Discount Code

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Have Audiencefy coupon as 15% cash back. The cashback applies on 1st invoice of any Audiencefy plan purchase: Basic, Pro or Premium.

Please check the Audiencefy image below for coupon details.

Audiencefy coupon

It is very important to use an eCommerce analytics and customer segmentation solution. This kind of tool increases the potential of any marketing project. Audiencefy is a very effective software for this task.

Audiencefy Review

Instead of dealing with every customer in the same manner, you have to understand their behaviors first. Depending on their behaviors, you have to include them in a marketing campaign. There is no difficulty in understanding their behavior. All you need is to purchase an audience behavior and eCommerce analytics software. Though there are a few options, we suggest Audiencefy because of its amazing features and affordability. Get the eCommerce analytics solution with our coupon. Grab the Audiencefy discount now. Let’s see some of these features:

Supports Various Segments

Depending different facts, Audiencefy creates lots of segments of customers. For example, it can create a separate segment of customers who are the first purchasers. There will be several customers who spend more than others. This tool will create a separate segment of them. Similarly, it can create segments of active purchasers, value shoppers, and VIP customers, etc. Each of these customer segments can easily be exported to any marketing platform. Audiencefy is also suitable for creating highly customizable email campaigns. You just have to use suitable segments with these campaigns. Lots of A/B testing can be made by using this software. Hence, every project will be more effective. As this software uses suitable segments in every project, there will be a bigger engagement rate. And, there will be a bigger conversion rate as well.


Behavior Analysis

Another great feature of Audiencefy is its customer behavior analysis capability. An ordinary marketer deals with every customer in the same way. That is why, a big number of potential customers lose interest on their campaigns. This software will analysis the consumer life and purchasing history of every customer. Then, it will help you deal with these customers accordingly. For this reason, a big number of potential sales will become actual sales. The eCommerce integration is another important feature of this solution. It is able to work with various platforms like MailChimp, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Campaign Monitor, Facebook, Magento, And Bing, etc.

Audiencefy Coupon & Pricing

The Basic License of Audiencefy is available for only USD 49 per month without the coupon. It supports 10 predefined segments and 5 integrations. The Pro License supports 10 integrations. It will let you work with 15 predefined segments. Only USD 99 should be paid per month to access this one. At the same time, this license analyzes data of five years. If you are looking for a white-label eCommerce analytics and customer segmentation software, then the Premium License is suitable. It comes with 20 predefined segments and unlimited integration facilities. You have to pay only USD 299 per month to access this one. Audiencefy has a free license also. It comes with only a few segments.

Hence, please get the customer segmentation solution with our offered discount. Hopefully the Audiencefy coupon will be helpful to increase revenue.