Atomic Review : Email Marketing Software Solution and Bundle

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When you will think about the successful email campaigns in quick time, then you have to use some software and tools. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to get good results from the campaigns. Atomic Company provides some unique products each of those have different features. You have to go to the website of this brand and choose the right products for your email marketing. Let’s discuss about some of the Atomic Products.


Review of the Products of Atomic

Useful tools can make your email campaign successful and low quality tools can make that failed. So it is very important to choose the right tools. There are some companies which provide tools for the email marketing and other email campaigns. But the popularity of the products of Atomic brand is very high among those companies. Atomic Company always maintains the rich features and quality of the products. So you can choose the products of this brand. Some popular products of this company are:

Atomic Email Tracker

One of the most important parts of the email marketing campaign is achieving good response from the email recipients. For this part, Atomic Email Tracker is very useful. It can confirm you that which recipients have read the sent emails. Not only that but also this product of the Atomic brand will help you to know about which subscribers have visited the link you have shared in your emails and which subscriber have not visited. That means you will be able to know the effectiveness of your email campaign with the help of the Atomic Email Tracker.

Atomic CD Email Extractor

Sometimes you may need to import the email addresses directly from the CDs or DVDs. So you can use this CD Email Extractor which has the capability to extract the email addresses found in CDs and DVDs and make a list including all those addresses. It will also let you organize the addresses and find out those addresses with which you never had worked before. You can easily edit the list by adding and removing addresses.

Atomic Email Autoresponder

Sometimes it becomes impossible to reply all the received mails if there are thousands of mails in to reply. In this case you have to use such software which can automatically reply the mail. Atomic Email Autoresponder is very effective and efficient software which can automatically send mail back. It has the schedule replying capability and even it can send replies with attachments. If you want to send the reply to only selected mails then you can import the addresses, to which you don’t want to send replies, to the stop list.

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When you will get the list of email addresses you will need this product because it can send the email very quickly by using three different SMTP servers. The most interesting thing is it has one built in SMTP server and it uses that for sending the emails directly to the recipients. If it is not possible to send those directly then it will use the External or Partner SMTP servers. It can import the recipient addresses from any type of document files.

Atomic List Manager

Creation of the least of active email addresses if very important stage of any email campaign. That is why you can use Atomic List Manager which can provide you high quality email address lists. It will search for the email addresses of the files as well as websites and then it will remove the duplicate addresses from the list. Then it will check the validity of the addresses and that is why invalid email address will not be there. Another important thing is though it will collect the email addresses which will be written in short cuts; it will provide you as full form.

Atomic WHOIS Explorer

We all know that the WHOIS database can help us to get the data and contact information about the owner of the websites. But to collect the information you have to use a tool like the Atomic WHOIS Explorer. It can be used to know about when a website will be expired. It is not dependent on the proxy servers. It is suitable for working with any type of servers. Atomic WHOIS Explorer can deal with multiple databases at a time. This software has become so popular because of its quickness of work.