Atomic Mail Verifier Review & Pricing

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For maintaining the mass mail campaign, one of the best ways is to use various types of software or tools. Some tools can be helpful before starting the campaign, some are necessary during the campaign and some can be used for finding out the progress of the emailing campaigns. Before starting any emailing campaign, it is very important to create the list of recipients and more important thing is to ensure that there is no inactive email address to that list. The Atomic Email Verifier v.8.12 is such tool which will let you find the active address from the large list of the email recipients.

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Highlights of the Atomic Mail Verifier v.8.12

In the email marketing section there are various software products available for performing various activities. Such an essential sector is email address verification. To identify or verify the actual email address, there are many software. Among of them, Atomic Mail Verifier is one of the best. By using this software you can verify any email address quite easily. To find out the existence of the email addresses this software is an awesome medium. It will ensure the way from sending any email message to the corresponding receiver. It uses three steps in the validation process of email messages. All the activities are performed in the multithread mode. Besides, it checks the systems by using the internet channel. The facilities provided by Atomic Mail Verifier prevent the users from sending any message to the unauthorized email address. Besides, it also increases the delivery rates of the mails.

Why This Product can be Chosen

Normally, most of the email address validity checker tools have single or double layer validity checker engines. But the Atomic Email Verifier v.8.12 has three layer validity checker engine. So it can work more effectively than the other similar types of tools. First of all it will check the syntax errors on each of the email recipients from the list. And then the domain properties of those addresses will check properly. This process is important because, if the domain of any address is not right then that address is not exists. After completing these two checking procedures, Atomic Mail Verifier will check that the addresses are active or not to the respective server of the domains. This product offers two types of advance validation techniques. For any existing domains, you can set the rule according to your necessity of the four available rules of the Atomic Email Verifier.

Expanded email address statuses will be provided by this software and these statuses are not all about checking the validity of the email addresses only, these will inform you about the current conditions of all the addresses on the list. That means, you will be able to get very high quality email addresses for your email campaigns with the help of this product. For taking account the emailing list, you can use any type document files and it can save the verified addresses to different document formats. Like all the other products of the Atomic brand, this product also has one common feature and that is it can integrate with the other products of the same brand.

atomic mail verifier review

The features of this software

The verification process: To verify the email addresses, it checks for three different steps. By following these three steps, you can obtain the maximum result in the validation process. These steps are: Syntax check, Domain check and the email address check. In the Syntax check option the corresponding addresses are checked with the RFC registration process. After completing this process, the existence of the domain is checked. If the domain is not actual then the email address will be unauthorized. The final step is the mail address verifying process. Under this section, it will look for the server with the domain’s SMTP. With the verification of the address, it will send the message.

The validation system with advance level: There are two categories of validation systems. The first one is the Standard system and the second one is the Advanced validation. In the first section, the program runs under the standard algorithm system. In the second category, there is a filtering option. That’s why; the last system is more reliable to the users.

Compatibility and Price of This Product

Atomic provides most of the products for the Windows computers. So you can use the Atomic Email Verifier to your PC where the Windows 7 or Windows 8 is installed. Demo or Trial version of this product is not available, but the AtomPark Software Company says what is real. So you can consider the features of this product before buying the full version. However, the price of the full version of this product is only $49.85 according to 10 September 2014.