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Computer system has become a needed part in our everyday life. With the flexible use of the online system with the computer system, we can assure a lot of facilities in our life. With the support of the online system, the marketing section has become more flexible. In the online based marketing system, the email management process plays a vital role. For managing the email marketing processing, a lot of software programs are available. Atomic Email Studio is one of them. This flexible software program is designed for the best improvement process of the online business firm. The management process of the newsletter processing and the email messages, this allows a lot of user friendly tools. In fact; to run the email campaigns for your online business firm, this is an excellent program.

Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio and the Overview

Normally for the email sending campaigning, various types of software programs can be needed. The AtomPark Software Company has offered all those programs separately like some other companies. But one of the best creations of this company is the Atomic Email Studio which contains all the necessary programs for the email address managing and email campaign managing. In this short review, the summary of the features of the main included programs of Atomic Email Studio has been mentioned.

The Main Functions

To complete the demand of the email marketing, a lot of essential functions and the facilities are issued through this program. All the tools are provided with the flexible option. So, the users can reach the best facility in the marketing system while depending on this program. Besides, a lot of free templates are provided with this program for making the creative changes of your marketing system. Moreover, you can access in your online servicing through this. Besides, the supporting system is also issued here. The main features are:

Email Sending Process

The mailing process can be enabled through the HTML and plain text format by using the allowed tools of this program. A lot of email messages can be sent through this. By using the SMTP server or the built-in server, you can send out the email messages. Then, you can check out the campaigning process of the marketing section by using the effective tool of this. To create the mailing list, you can take the support of the internet system. For this category, users can depend on email extractor tool.

This tool is mainly used to create the targeted email messages or the newsletter from the internet resources. This process can enable through the keyword searching process, or the URL. Moreover, local files can also be used in the category to extract the emails. By making the contact groups stored in the PC, users can create the mailing lists. While making this system possible, the built-in plug-in system can apply.

Email Address Verification

It provides a free tool for identifying the email addresses. It checks out the address if it is actual or not. Then the auto responding process can enable due to the reply to the messages to the clients. Moreover, the database section can also manage through this.

Atomic Email Studio review

Automation of Email Campaigns

When you will work with one or two email campaigns, then you may be able to complete that manually. But what if you have to deal with so many campaigns at the same time? In that case the Atomic Email Studio will help you very much. List Manager is one of the included programs of this product of the AtomPark Software Company and this program will let you import the email addresses in various ways into the list and then edit the mailing list very easily. You can categorize the email addresses according to various things. Email Verifier is another program of the Atomic Email Studio and this program can use for verifying whether the email addresses are valid or not. The effectiveness of any running email campaign can determine by using this stunning product.

Extract Addresses Efficiently

Extracting a large number of emails are very easy now because of the Atomic Email Studio. It has the WHOIS Explorer program which has the capability to arrange the contact info from the WHOIS databases. Email logger tool of this product is another nice program which can use for collecting the contacts for all types of local files. Various types of newsgroups can be a good source of the email addresses. So you can extract the contact from those sources and to do this task, the Newsgroup Explorer program of the Atomic Email Studio is very effective. Similarly the websites contain so many contacts. Web Spider program of this software will help you to collect all the necessary contact information from the websites you will visit.

Send the Newsletters Easily

The Atomic Email Sender is an individual product of the AtomPark Software Company and due to the effectiveness of this product, this company have included in in the Atomic Email Studio. By using this program, you can send a large number of emails and newsletters very easily and efficiently to various destinations. The price of the Atomic Email Studio v10.00 is very much reasonable. According to November 26, 2014, its price is only €229. Various corporate licenses are also available for this product. Before choosing any of the standard license or the corporate licenses, you can use the demo version without any cost.