Astra Security Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Have Astra Security discount as 20% cash back. Applies on 1st invoice of any monthly or yearly plan: Pro, Advanced or Business.

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Astra Security discount

A big number of companies provide website security tools and services. Astra Security is one of these companies. Its products and services are capable of working against malwares, hackers, and all other types of website threats.

Astra Security Review

Almost every computer user knows about viruses and spywares. They usually use different types of security tools to protect their computers. But, a big number of website owners are not aware of website security threats. But, there are so many types of threats that can do harm to their sites. That is why, we request to use necessary security solution for your website. Astra Security comes with amazing firewall and malware. It also has some other types of security services. Get the website security tool with our discount. Grab the Astra Security coupon now. Some of its top products and their features are as follows:

Strong Firewall

Hackers try to attack websites almost every day. There are other types of threats also. You have to use a top quality firewall to prevent the attacks of all these threats. Astra Security provides an efficient firewall that is capable of stopping all types of hackers. Along with that, it stops bad bots, spams, and SQLi. More than 110 types of attacks will be prevented by it. There is no need to start its operation manually. This firewall will keep working 24/7 on your website. That is why, only real users will be able to enter there. Sometimes, you may not want visitors from a particular country. In such cases, only a single click is enough to block all the visitors of a particular country. Similarly, Astra Security Firewall allows to block or whitelist any IP with a single click. This solution has the Brute Force Protection to stop repeated hacking attempts.

Astra Security

Malware Scanner

Sometimes, websites contain malicious objects. These objects are capable of collecting secrete data from the respective sites. To prevent these things, you can rely on the Malware Scanner of Astra Security. Unlike other ordinary tools, this one is capable of performing unlimited scans. More importantly, these scans will be made automatically. This website security tool has a scheduled scanning facility also. You just have to set the duration between two scans. After completing every session, it will automatically send the scan report to your inbox. There is no need to think about removing malwares manually. It will take the necessary actions to remove every malware. Astra Security has added a collective intelligence facility in this product. That is why, its performance will become stronger day by day.

These Astra Security features can be availed exclusively with our coupon. Extra discount is not needed for this website security tools.

Security Audit

Generally, website owners get their sites from developers. As no one is perfect, almost every website has a loophole. These weaknesses may harm the website, as well as, your business anytime. That is why, we suggest to use the Security Audit service of Astra Security. This web based service has a very easy signup process. After being signed up, this solution will find out the audit scope on that site. Then, the expert team will run a vulnerability assessment program. After that, they will give you the report regarding all kinds of vulnerability issues. Then, all these issues will be fixed with ease. And finally, your website will get a security certificate from Astra Security. Customers will get convinced by watching the security certificate that will be shown on your website.

Astra Security pricing

Agency Partnership

Sometimes, you may need to serve lots of clients by providing a security to their websites. There is no need to depend on any kind of complexity while performing such a task. All you need is to depend on Astra Security as a partner. This solution can be used for serving lots of customers and clients. It will eliminate all kinds of hackers and malwares from the website of every customer. This service of Astra Security can be used in a big number of websites. That is how you will be able to get a big revenue with ease.

Astra Security Discount & Pricing

Every product of Astra Security is cost effective. The Malware & Firewall solution of this company is available with three plans. The Pro Plan can be bought by paying only USD 24 per month without any promo code in 2021. It performs a malware cleanup operation once in 12 hours.

The Pro License can be accessed by paying only USD 45 per month. This one provides each and every feature that the Pro License do. Along with that, it offers a bigger number of tests. And, one malware removal operation will be done by this product in 8 hours. Similarly, the Business License has a malware removal frequency of 6 hours. Its monthly price is only USD 149. It supports more than 500 types of tests. The Security Audit program of this solution has multiple licenses also. Its price starts from only USD 210/scan where you will get 4 scans/year. The price of its agency security program starts from only USD 83/month. This service of Astra Security has three licenses also.

Therefore, please get the software with our coupon now. We hope the Astra Security discount will help you to protect all types of malware and threats.