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Article Video Robot

Article Video Robot Review

Article Video Robot is a program that has been designed for the users so that they can design their very own videos for marketing. It is because this program has the ability to turn any article into videos. It is because people these days like to see videos more. People find videos to be more appealing this why they like to watch different kinds of videos. So therefore, creating videos for the marketing is the best way that users can get traffic for the videos. Article Video Robot therefore can be really helpful for the marketing videos. Get the excellent software with our discount. Simply follow the image instructions and grab the Article Video Robot coupon.

Important Abilities

Article Video Robot can be used for the users to gain profit online by creating engaging videos. It is important to create marketing videos in order to make sure that users can bring sales in the websites. It is also important because without marketing users cannot inform people about the product. Most of the sales depend on how users market their products. Therefore, users look for almost all the ways they can market their products online to get succeeded. So therefore, it is important to make sure that users can make a proper analysis of the market and promote to the people according to it.

Video marketing normally takes a lot of time. Especially for the newbies because they need to make sure that they make engaging videos. Newbies lack of skills in order to create marketing videos because it takes a lot of time to create a video and edit.

Sometimes people need to hire someone from outside to do that. It is for that case Article Video Robot has been designed so that users can create engaging marketing videos. Users need to just to have a promotional article. This program can credibly change this article in promotional videos in a really short amount of time. So here users can save the important time. This program also helps in marketing of the videos. It posts over 50 social sites when users create the videos. So it makes the video visible everywhere so that audience are attracted towards it.

Article Video Robot Discount

New Interface

Article Video Robot can be used in smart phones. It makes easier for the users to do marketing. Marketing is a constant process to sell products. In this case users can create their videos by using their very own Apple phone. It makes the work much easier for the users.

Article Video Robot Plans and Discount

Article Video Robot has 2 different pricing plans. It has 2 different plans. The power plan has been priced at only 47 dollars excluding the discount. It is per month package. There is another package named as business package. It is only 97 dollars. It is based on per month basis. Users can save a lot of money by buying these packages.

You don’t have to pay any price for trying it. The free edition can be used for getting the idea about the features of this tool. The free edition will let you create the videos of maximum 30 seconds length and you will be allowed to use 3 different voice-overs for the videos. Web quality videos can be created with the help of Article Video Robot free edition. Power Package of this product can be a good choice because it will allow you to create marketing videos of maximum 10 minutes duration and those videos will be of SD quality. The Power Package provides 5 different options for the voice-over.

Moreover, here in this page we are providing discount for Power and business plan both. Another one is the Business Package which offers stronger features. It can be used for converting the articles into videos of 20 minutes duration. In the case of Business Plan, you will be allowed to create HD quality videos with 7 different voice-overs.

In conclusion, please get the fantastic software that convers article to video with our coupon. For any inquiry on the Article Video Robot discount, please contact us.