ApPHP Business Directory Review, Professional Webscript

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At the time of modern age, the computer system is a crying need condition almost for every section. Without depending on the computer system, we won’t manage all the needed tasks in a simple manner. The activities needed in our personal and professional life won’t be possible without the touch of the online method. In managing the online based business directories, ApPHP Business Directory is a supported solution. This helpful program offers us a lot of support to maintain all the needed functions in the business listing process and the classified directory case. Besides, the yellow pages based website can handle through the support of this.

ApPHP business directory

ApPHP Business Directory

For developing the customizable and powerful solution under the business listing and directory based website, the users can rely on ApPHP Business Directory. It offers all the creative tools to maintain the yellow page developing process. This scrip affords the users to create the categories. After that, you can add the businesses under the corresponding category. Besides, the business based profiles can also add here while including the needed contact information, website link, business description, email contact, map link and so on.

The main Theme

ApPHP Business Directory is mainly developed while depending on OOP and it assures the users to create the business directories in a simple way. After that, the needed contents can also be added with the proper editing issue. It offers a wide range of features to set up the own ecommerce site by using the corresponding domain name. All the successful tools are provided here like to list management term, database backup issue, search engine optimization, text editing format, logo designing, banner editing etc.

It is helpful for using various languages integrating process with the simple command mode system. To place any site in the top position in a simple way, the default SEO tools are offered here. Here some needed modules are also offered. Through these modules, you will be able to integrate the needed inquiry forms into your site. This section can easily customize from the admin panel section of your site.

Why ApPHP Business Directory?

To run your own ecommerce site with the directory page, many supportive conditions are offered in this product. Here, the database management term is handled with the powerful condition. All the needed data user can store with the proper security mood. Here, you can change the data type from the admin panel section of your database. In case of any need, you can also make the changes in your data.

In any ecommerce site, the product management issue and ordering process is a needed one part. To handle this section, ApPHP Business Directory offers the flexible ordering process of the needed product. Here, the payment issue user can handle with the supportive security issue. Moreover, with the proper use data security of this tool, the unauthorized users can’t be access into your account.

Main Activities Performed

In the section of business based directory, this program is a helpful one. This mainly acts as a scripting solution in the business based activity organizing case. This script allows the users to maintain the adding process of the needed categories and the associated terms. Besides, the adding process of the business profiles and the contact info with the business description process can handle easily through this. After that, the addition process of the email list, contact management process, map links, and other functions can be integrated simply through the touch of this.

ApPHP business directory review

The Features

ApPHP Business Directory mainly developed in the section of OOP. After that, it allows the users to build up the business directory based website in a quick process. After that, the adding process of the available contents and the editing process can also manage through this. The ecommerce based sites can set up with the support of this in a flexible way. The domain name of any site may control with the allowed tools of this.

In fact, this scripting platform for the business section offers the way to assure the term of listing management system, searching process with the flexible SEO process, database backup system, banner rotation format, text editor section and the related functions. For conducting the own business directory sites, this platform is a helpful one. After that, the integration process of the inquiry engines with the existing sites can also handle through this.

The packages and the Prices

ApPHP Business Directory offers two packages. These packages are: Advanced and Pro. Within these packages, the users will get the features of the automatic update system, customer management system, product arrangement process, language set up system, database controlling process, CSS templates controlling method and so on. The pricing condition of Advanced package is only $48.90 and the price of Pro package is only $84.90 for single license basis.