Antamedia Print Manager Software Review : Control Printers

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18In these modern days having all types of facilities with the computer system, we are getting dependent with the effective support of the data storage system. While managing the data in the storing system, we get a lot of facilities. To conduct the presentation sector with the data we need to print out the soft document file. At that time, we needed to use the printer with the PC. Printers are rapidly used in the office section as well as in the cyber café. Here, the users can use the printers to print out the document files with the random method. To control this system, you can depend on Antamedia Print Manager Software. This enables the users to monitor and control the using policy of the printers. From the remote place you can audit the printing related activities through this program.

Antamedia Print Manager

Antamedia Print Manager Software Review

The users who run this program can easily manage the printing activities with the proper using process. You can easily manage the clients in the printing category. In your office firm, the clients can use the printers with the random method. To control the using process with the available facilities, this product is very helpful for the users. In your office section, you can also limit the printing policy for the employees. Besides, the using time, using data and the printing copy can also be controlled by this program. For getting the real time activities of the printers, this is absolutely an active program.

Why Use the Software

The use of the computer system is increasing day by day almost in every section of our practical life. In the case of data storage system, we have to use it. The data stor as a soft copy in the computer system. But sometimes, we need to print out the copy of the document files that are stored in our PC. At that time, we needed to connect the printers to the existing computer system. We can use the printers not only for the personal case, but also for professional case, business section or other related firms.

In the specific section, we need to control the activities of the printers. To manage the printing related activities, we can use Anatamedia Print Manger Software. To control all the needed activities about the printing section with the proper monitoring system, this is one of the best programs. However, any user can audit or check out the printing limitation from any printer with the proper payment system.

The Features of This program

This program can apply to control more than a single printer. This proves that, you can connect almost 10 printers under the available license key of a single Print Manager Software. This is mainly designed and developed for the Windows based OS. In any version of Windows system, you can also apply this with the proper account setting system. The number of accounts under this program can control through this.

You can enable the language system within this program. Here, the adjustment process of the templates is available. Through this tool, the business identity can assure. This means that, the users can print out the specified documents by the printers according to the defined command. Besides, when the users try to print out the document file, the host PC will get a notification about the printing process and the printed file. Then, the authorized user of the program can control the clients about the number of pages that is going to print with the selected color. In the cyber café center, you can use this to control the printing policy with the correct system. Besides, the business firm or the educational firm can use this for the specific activities.

Antamedia Print Manager review

The Components of Antamedia Print Manager

The set up process of this program is very simple like other devices connected to the computer system. This program mainly use in the windows based OS. By managing a host PC you can control the number of clients with the available printers. Under any printer you can manage the number of accounts. From this category, the printing section can control. Besides, you can use the trial version of this program to get the overview about it.

This is mainly used in the educational institution and the office section with the proper functionalities. Besides, the internet café, various types of shopping center and other related firms can use this to manage the needed facilities. The options provided by this program can control according to the using field. Here, you will be able to command the clients about the printing related information and the account balance due to the printing cost.

Users can set up the charge with the proper configuration process in the printing category. Besides, you can control the manual printing process or the automatic process. Due to these criteria, the printing system will be established according to the commanding method. The charge for per page with the color option and the other functions can manage from the host PC. Moreover, the selected pages and the deleted pages that have been marked for the printing category can be viewed under the account setting option of this program.