Antamedia Internet Café Software Review : Lite Edition for Windows

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You must use different types of software and programs for using computers for personal reasons and for business purposes. Before buying any software you must consider the price, features and built in tools of that software. Very few software companies provide software and tools for business organizations such as internet café, medicine and medical centers, etc. One of the most popular companies for those types of computers is the Antamedia Software Company. The Internet Café Software from this company is very efficient and has tons of features.

Antamedia Internet Café lite

Antamedia Internet Café Lite

If you feel that it becomes very difficult to control the computers of your internet café manually, then you can use any software which will help you to control those perfectly and very easily. Many software companies provide such software and tools which can be used to the internet café. Antamedia is one of those companies and the Internet Café Software from this company is very efficient. Let’s discuss about the features of this product of Antamedia.

Why to Use

Most important things about this product is it is available in 4 different editions. You just have to consider the facilities of each of the editions and then choose the perfect edition for your internet café. Lite edition of this product is for the small internet cafes, where maximum four computers are used. The setup process of this product of Antamedia is very easy and it is compatible with any version of the Windows operating system. You don’t have to renew the license periodically because Antamedia will let you use this product for good with one license.

It will help you to check the activity log of the customers. In that log, the session details of the users will be shown. Even the wrong login attempts of the users will also be shown in the logs. You may use different system keys to the computer and network systems. Other confidential data can also be stored in the computers of your Internet Café. The Antamedia Internet Café Software – Lite Edition will secure those keys and data very strongly.

Key features of This Product

The users may download many different files and print many documents. This software will deliver you the report about the usage of the customers statistically. So you will be able to charge them for usage. It can also use to manage the price rate for using the client computers of your internet café.

Antamedia Internet Café lite review

There are total 4 versions of this extraordinary product of the Antamedia Software Company. Among those 4 different versions, the Lite Edition is very smart and user friendly edition. This edition of Internet Café Software can use to handle the Windows computers. This edition can use to deal with maximum 4 client computers. Most importantly, on the buy page, you will be able to add more client computers.

Key Components and Benefits

Collecting the accurate payments from the customers is very important for any internet café. It can use to set up the price rate per hour for the internet use, the time schedule for the customers. You can use same and different user ids for the computers of your internet café. It will show the users their monthly payments on their login screen. You can change the price voucher anytime you want and the users of your internet café will get the notification about the new vouchers and the date from which the voucher will be activated.

Antamedia Internet Café Software – Lite Edition can also use to set up the currencies and taxes for the internet usage. It can also use to set up new promotions. Even you can offer attractive discounts to your customers. Cash drawer support is another very important feature of this innovative product of Antamedia. It will let you watch the user details graphically and statistically. You will also be able to know about the activities of the customers with the help of this edition of Antamedia Internet Café.