Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Review, Control Internet Usage

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In these modern days, the presence of the online system has become a common issue. Without assuring the online system the activities of our modern life cannot be fulfilled. In various sections of our practical life we have to depend on various types of utility software program. Among all of the existing utility programs, Bandwidth Manager is one of the leading used programs for the internet business provider. In the cyber café this program is rapidly used for the flexible using process of the internet speed. To manage the internet cost for multiple devices, it offers a wide range of functions by which the authorized users can control the upload limit or download limit under any networking system. Besides, while protecting any business firm through the blacklisted websites, this program is a flexible one.

antamedia bandwidth manager

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

If you visit the website of the Antamedia Software Company then you will be able to realize that this company provides some innovative and useful products which are very necessary for the computers which are used in different types of business organizations. The reason behind the increasing popularity of this company is the exclusive products. The Bandwidth Manager Software of this brand is very useful software which can be used to maintain the bandwidth limit to all the computers of the entire network of your office or business organization.

The Main Characteristics

While using the internet system every user need to observe the bandwidth using format and the upper limit. Moreover, in the cyber café sections, you will need to divide the available bandwidth among multiple PC. In that case, you need to depend on a reliable software program which has the capability to control the bandwidth system and other functionality related to the users. For assuring all these facilities, you can use the active supports of this program. For managing the flexible performance in the business section through the online system, it is just a needed one.

Why Use this Product

You can find many bandwidth manager tools which require client software installation for managing the computers of the network. But you don’t have to install any client software to your computers to use the Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software. It can set up very easily and quickly. You can choose any of the four available versions of this product of Antamedia. Depending on the versions, you will be able to use this software the take control over the bandwidth used from minimum 20 to unlimited computers on the network.

It will help you to select the upload rate as well as the download speed. You can reset the rates to default any time you need. For each of the users, you can set the limit for download. So the users will not be able to download as many files as they want. That means Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software will help you to save you internet costs very easily.

antamedia bandwidth manager review

This product of Antamedia will let you see what the users do while using the internet. You can also get the information about their log in periods for each day. It will never let the users to visit the restricted pages. It is one time license product and no renewal of the license is required. You can also use the trial version of this software to try it. The technical support will be provided to you without any cost via emails and phone calls.

The Features of Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

The Windows based OS is the needed platform for using Bandwidth Manger. While activating this program on your Windows PC, you need to configure it from the host PC. From that section, you need to define the address of the clients PC where the internet speed will divide. This program is available not only for the wired communication system. The devices can connect through the program under a wireless method. Here, the users feel no complexity as any installation system is required in the client’s PC. You can control PC, laptop, mobile phone; tablet PC through this program from the host PC.

To control the bandwidth it offers various types of functions. From this portion, you can manage the upper limit or the lower limit of the bandwidth usage. As the address of the PC is defined through this program, others can’t access through your internet connection. Besides, the monitoring system is another beneficial section of this program. From this program, you can observe the activities of the clients from the host PC which is very essential in the business section. In fact; while securing your networking section, this is one of the best programs.