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AMPforWP Discount

AMPforWP is overall program that will help the users to set up their website for the business for mobile devices. So therefore, the versatility of this application can push the users to earn more profit for the business in the long term. The program allows the users to show the star rating of the Product. So therefore, AMPforWP can be handy at times for the users. Grab the handy AMP at a lower price with our discount. Simply follow the AMPMP image instructions to get the AMPforWP coupon.

AMP for WP Review and Features

AMPforWP helps the users to create different kinds of layout and theme for the users. The program will help the users to create their very own amp templates. So therefore, when users use those templates they can simply organize the website according to their needs. The star rating of this application will allow the users to view to the visitors the review and rating of the site. It is another necessity of the users to show the rating of the business.


The rating of business not only help the users to grow their business, but also to improve the business. The website products need push to make high amount of sales. There are a lot of potential customers like to watch review before purchasing a product for themselves. Therefore, reviews helps a lot to acquire new customers for the business. The theme design of this tool will help the users to get a better look. The program helps the users to make email opt in forms. Email opt in forms are one of the most necessary things of the business.

AMPforWP helps to create email opt in forms helps the users to publish the new letters. The new letters help the users to bring more people to the sites. So therefore, users will be able to inform the customers about any offer using the newsletter provided by AMPforWP. So it is a convenient application. The lead conversion help of this tool can really help the users to increase the regular customers. The lead conversion will help the users to bring more money to the site.

Contact From 7

AMPforWP also has the contact form that can be used as initial form. As users can create the form as they want. For example, they can add the customer basic information form, preference form and many more. The cache of this application will optimize the application and make it fast.

AMPforWP Discount and Pricing

Amp for WP has 5 pricing plans to offer. The personal site license is only 149 dollars. The multiple site license has priced at only 199 dollars excluding the discount. The webmaster is $249 dollars. The freelancer plan is 299 dollars only. The AMPforWP agency package has been priced at only 299 dollars. It provides the license for unlimited sites.

So, please grab the exclusive plugin by utilizing our coupon. For any inquiry on the AMPforWP discount, please contact us.