Aiseesoft PDF Merger Review | Merge Two or More Files

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The Aiseesoft PDF Merger is at the moment the best merging tool in the industry. Despite its many unique features and configurations, Aiseesoft PDF Merger is the best at what it does. And its simplicity makes it very easy to operate. This easy to use system is made possible due to the software’s highly intuitive interface. This makes Aiseesoft PDF Merger inviting by allowing a user friendly experience for customers of interest.

Aiseesoft PDF Merger

Review of Aiseesoft PDF Merger

Aiseesoft PDF Merger is an unaided program. This means that the software does not need any prior download of a base PDF Reader software program. The software’s unique ability to merge multiple PDF documents with immense accuracy into one makes it the most professional PDF merger in the market. Its complex configurations allow the user to choose specific parts from multiple PDF files by defining the page ranges and merge it into a new PDF file. The newly merged PDF file’s come out to be completely readable with no messy codes. The software’s high processing speed due to its uniquely designed technology of encoding and decoding, assures users high speed output of merged PDF files.

Why to Choose the Software

The PDF file format has become an inseparable part of today’s tech industry. Adobe’s initiation of making a free user friendly PDF supporting software allowed the ever increasing popularity of PDF files. However, Adobe has decided to stick to the old school rules. Since its initiation and has made little to no changes when it comes to flexibility. On the contrary, the Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is presently the no. 1 contender and the most professional and feasible PDF converter software in the market.

Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate’s unique feature of converting PDF files to different formats. This makes it a very feasible and needed software for users. Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate comes even more in handy where clients request files to be submitted in very specific formats. This feature ensures efficiency and emanates more professionalism on the user. Aiseesoft PDF Converter is able to convert PDF file to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, ePub, Text and various other formats. Other than this, Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate has the following unique features:

OCR Technology

Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate makes use of the Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). This allows the software to convert scanned PDF files into editable formats. The OCR technology adopted by Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is of the most upmost complexity. Its OCR technology is complex enough to recognize scanned text in PDF files and in turn allow it to be converted into editable files. An even more impressive feat accomplished by Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is its ability to convert charts in PDF files to readable and editable data in Excel. The user can make even further modifications by using the formula feature and excel and reconvert the data back to PDF format using Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate.

Multi-language PDF File Recognition

This feature of Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is actually a merit of its complex OCR technology. Hence the software allows the user to read files of multiple languages and convert them to the languages the user prefers. Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate software is able to read recognize files from over 190 languages. Some the languages included in the softwares repertoire are English, German, French, Mandarin, Greek, Thai, Latin, Arabic, Korean, etc. The software limits itself to not only verbal languages, but is also able to recognize programming languages and chemical formulas as well.

Each of Aiseesoft’s software packages are equipped with complex Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR).  The OCR technology adopted by Aiseesoft PDF Merger is of the most upmost complexity. Aiseesoft PDF Merger is able to identify multiple languages for user’s preference. This includes over 190 languages in Aiseesoft’s library. Some the languages included in the softwares repertoire are English, German, French, Mandarin, Greek, Thai, Latin, Arabic, Korean, etc. The software does not limit itself to verbal languages, but is also capable of recognizing chemical formulas and programming languages.

Aiseesoft PDF Merger review

Batch Processing Feature

The batch processing feature of Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate allows users to import and convert numerous PDF files simultaneously. Thus increasing work efficiency by saving time. Furthermore, the configuration can set in such a way so that each of the selected PDF files can convert to different output formats simultaneously.

Page Handling Option

Aiseesoft PDF Merger’s unique four way page, select option makes it extremely easy for the user to choose parts of the PDF file for merging. The four way page select option includes all pages, even pages, odd pages and part pages. The part pages option of Aiseesoft PDF Merger allows users to choose from any page for merging by choosing the page range or number (e.g.: 3, 9, 13-16). Other than the “four way” page, select option, Aiseesoft PDF Merger allows users to select pages of PDF files either in Sequential order or Reverse order for merging. The software’s unique page configuration setting also allows users to choose highlighted texts from specific pages to be merged into a neatly compiled, new PDF file.


Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate’s keeps its users into consideration, thus maintaining low pricing ranges. Its original pricing is $65 for 1 year use license and $75 for a lifetime use license. However, the software provides amazing discounts thus decreasing its 1 year package to $45.5 and its life time package for $52.5.