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Personal License

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AirPlayer discount

AirPlayer is an extended tool of tools which enables the users to share screen. Many times users like to play the games on their computer. However, it becomes impossible to play the games of the iPad and iPhone into the computer.

AirPlayer Review

The ability of this tool is that users will be able to play the games on their computers by sharing screens. It will be much easier for the game streamers to stream their iPhone games through PC by using this application. Get the product with our discount and enjoy all the features and benefits offered. Grab the AirPlayer coupon now.

Benefits of the Program

Airplayer is useful for many different reasons. For example, at any moment if the users want to use their mobile information and want to read it on the big screen. As well if users want to view any videos that are recorded on the mobile phone to the big screen, they can use this application. Normally this process will be time-consuming. As users would need to transfer a file to their computers and then view it.

With this application, users get to save a lot of their time very easily. The program as well comes with a screen recording function. If users want to record the screen of their iPad and turn it into a video, they can do it with this application. For those who like to record their gameplay and upload on video sites, they do not need any external software to record their gameplay. The program makes also the screen mirroring facilities. Once the users tap on their mobile phone, they will see the data on the mobile phone mirroring on the computer. The program does not require to connect the device to pc with cable. The program just needs a wifi connection to connecting to the website.


Streaming Easily

AirPlayer provides the users the chance to stream their videos or screen on pc easily. It means users do not need to download any additional streaming application to their mobile phone. Comparatively streaming devices on a mobile phone are not that of good quality. Since streaming devices are on the mobile phone, most of the time has less functionality. However, streaming for PC provides the users with more functions. Users can share the mobile screen with pc and stream it through a PC. It will provide users better quality stream of online media. It will save a lot of costs for the users of purchasing expensive software.

AirPlayer Discount and Pricing

AirPlayer has to offer 2 different packages to offer. The first package is a personal license that has been priced at only 14.95 dollars without the need of any promo code. The family license of this application has been fixed at only 36.95 dollars. The price of a family license priced at 50 percent off the price. The commercial license can be used by commercial users. Users can sell the service of this tool to others.

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