AGG Software Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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AGG Software discount

Computer users often need to monitor serial ports, transferred data, and RS232 protocols. Only a few companies provide software programs that can monitor these things. AGG Software is one of these companies.

AGG Software Review

Serial ports are useful for transferring data from one device to another. In personal computers, and official devices, these ports are available. But, you have to monitor the type data are shared through these ports. RS232 protocol is used for connecting a computer with different peripheral devices. This one should be monitored by using a separate software. Similarly, TCP, USB, and other ports should also be tracked with data logger tools. AGG Software provides tons of port monitoring and data logger programs. Get the software cheaply with our discount. Grab the AGG Software coupon now.

Serial Port Monitor

A computer may have several COM ports. Tons of data can be flown through these ports. Sometimes, users look for a reliable tool that helps monitor the data flow through each of these ports. AGG Software provides the Advanced Serial Port Monitor for that task. This program supports a full duplex mode. There is no need to face much difficulty while adjusting different parameters. Both the automatic and manual modes are available with it. Advanced Serial Port Monitor has a sniffer or spy mode. No matter what type of external device is used for the data transfer, this program will monitor that. Similarly, another mode named RS232 Terminal Mode is also added here.

AGG Software

Serial Data Logger

Another nice product of AGG Software is its Advanced Serial Data Logger. If you want to input RS232 data directly into MS Excel, MS Access, or other MS Windows programs, then this one is suitable. It does not work with every port one by one. Rather, it is capable of logging multiple ports at the same time. That means, you can log multiple external serial devices simultaneously. Flexibly parameter is another great feature of it. Custom naud rates can be defined by it. After collecting data, a user may need to filter and format those. Advanced Serial Data Logger is able to do so. This program supports multiple plugins. You are allowed to add these plugins to enhance its features.

AGG Software comes with many other essential tools. Some of these products are Virtual Null Modem, TCP Com Bridge, COM Port Data Emulator, and COM Port Stress Test, etc.

AGG Software Discount and Pricing

AGG Software always sets a very impressive pricing for each of its products. For example, you can purchase a single license of Advanced Serial Port Monitor by paying only $60 without any promo code. It has a volume discount facility. For example, only USD 225 should be paid to purchase 5 licenses of this program at a time. The Advanced Serial Data Logger has multiple plans. The Standard Plan of it is available for only $85 per license. Its Professional and Enterprise Plans can be accessed by paying only USD 145 and USD 180 respectively. You can also purchase both these tools of AGG Software as a package by paying a more attractive fee.

Hence, enjoy serial ports monitor, transferred data, and RS232 protocols all in one with our coupon. We hope, that the AGG Software discount will make you happy.