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Have AgencyBud discount as 30% cash back. The cashback applies on the 1st invoice of any plan purchase: monthly or annual.

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Agency Bud discount

It is possible to start a digital agency without creating any software or SaaS platform manually. Nowadays, different solutions are out there to provide these platforms. AgencyBud is one of these solutions.

Review of AgencyBud

Only a small number of people can create SaaS or software as a service platforms manually. Comparatively, a bigger number of people are interested in doing so. But, they do not know the processes of creating these tools. AgencyBud comes with an advanced facility for these mass people. It comes with multiple tools that can be used as SaaS platforms. That means, you are allowed to use these tools to create a profitable digital agency. Just purchase this product and spend 10 minutes to establish such an agency. Get the software with our discount to create digital agency easily. Grab the AgencyBud coupon now.

Market Research Platform

If you are looking for a powerful market research platform, then DataJeo of AgencyBud is recommended. This tool is capable of finding out the top 20 competitors of any business. Then, it will analyze each of these competitors very efficiently. For example, this software is capable of detecting the paid and organic keywords that are used by any competitors. Among all these keywords, there must be ones that bring more traffic. This software of AgencyBud will find out these profitable keywords. It also offers a list of Facebook pages and groups that are suitable for advertising. Similarly, Data Jeo is able to find out YouTube videos and Twitter channels that can be used for placing advertisements.

Agency Bud

Live Chat System

Another impressive SaaS platform offered by AgencyBud is Engage. This software is able to provide a live chatting system for any website. It has some pre-written replies to customer’s questions. This software just considers the keywords used in questions, and give replies. To give these replies, it is able to use Skype and Facebook Messengers. You can use Engage to capture more leads with ease. It is also suitable for closing sales properly. That is why, your clients will get more profits from each of their customers.

AgencyBud Discount & Pricing

We have mentioned two SaaS platforms of AgencyBud. It offers two more products. One of these is RepWarm, which is a social media monitoring tool. And, the other one is ColdReach, which is a lead generation platform. All these four licenses can be bought as one package. There are two pricing policies. You can get it by paying only USD 79 per month, or only USD 597 per year without the discount. Both these licenses include some additional facilities. For example, Agency Bud has free marketing tools that will help you sell these SaaS platforms. Each of these platforms can be sold to 100 different clients. And, you can use these in unlimited personal projects.

Therefore, please get Agency Bud with the offered coupon which offers multiple tools as SaaS platform. For any query about the AgencyBud discount in 2020, please contact us anytime.