Adobe Illustrator CS6 Review, Tool to Create Design, Videos

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One of the greatest software for which you can complete your artwork easily, perfectly and quickly is the Adobe illustrator CS6. This is the most commonly used software by the professionals of the artwork. There are so many features of this product of Adobe and for this feature, this product has achieved huge popularity.

Adobe illustrator CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Review

If you are a professional worker of the graphics and artwork, then you have to use perfect software for the help of your work. Selecting the perfect is software is not so difficult because you can choose the Adobe illustrator CS6 which is the most popular software for such purposes.

Why Use This Software

For the MPS (Mercury Performance System) this software is suitable to work with the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems and it will help you to complete your work very quickly. It will automatically optimize the performance of the RAM of the computers and make the suitable speed of the RAM for the performance of the illustrator. There are some other products of the Adobe Brand with which you can integrate the illustrator CS6.

Adobe illustrator CS6 software is very friendly for every environment and that is why it can work with any type of graphic files. You can create any type of graphic files and PDF files while saving your works on your computer. You can use those saved files for the use in webs and you can view the files in different colors and properties. While working with the Adobe illustrator CS6 you can customize the user interface and so that you can work with this software very easily as you want. The most interesting thing is you can work with multiple art board at a time and that is why this software can save you time.

Main Features

For the perfectness of the graphics you can change the pixel density and create the vector objects perfectly. You will get so many brushes with this product of Adobe for your artwork and graphics. User can customize the brushes and tools with a different name and order. You will get the appearance panel by using which you can enhance the appearance of the designed objects. Like the Photoshop software of Adobe you will get RDS (Retina Display Support) option on this product for which you can see the smallest errors of the designed objects and fix those perfectly.

Adobe illustrator CS6 review

The most important considerable thing of any software is how easily you can work with it. No need to worry about this in the case of Adobe illustrator because this software will provide you very helpful and innovative user interface. If you feel there is any necessary to customize the interface with your own style then you can do that very easily. Each of the provided brushes by this software can be renamed and reorganized by the users very easily also. You can do your artwork in one art board or multiple art boards as you want.


After creating a graphic or drawing you can change the width and lengths that even after saving. You have to use perfect tools for the vector drawing and that is why this software provides so many tools for the perfect vector drawing. To create different pattern this software is very useful. If you make any graphics or shapes wrongly then you can easily erase the wrong portion very easily by using the eraser tools of the Adobe illustrator CS6. You can make your drawing more accurate by using the perspective grids and different scaling tools.

This software is very much helpful in customizing the colors of the graphics. There are so many built in colours and also live colors in this software of Adobe. You can create not only the 2D graphics, but also you can add 3D effects to the graphics. Retina Display Support is another important of this software and for this facility you will be able to make your drawings more accurate. You can also change the pixel properties of your drawing.