10xDrive Coupon & Discount Code

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Have 10xDrive coupon as 30% cash back on Basic or Premium plan. Please check the 10xDrive image below for coupon.

10xDrive coupon

Online backup storages are useful storing all kinds of websites, personal, and business data. People use various types of apps to create and save these backups. Among all these apps, 10xDrive is a reliable name.

10xDrive Review

It is not safe to launch websites without having a proper backup facility. Suppose, you have added so many important files and data to a site. But, that site can get damaged due to various reasons. All your efforts will be vanished in no time. That is why, you should use an online backup storage app to create and store all the necessary data. There are various kinds of apps that helps to do these tasks. 10xDrive is one of these apps. But, its features are way better than most other similar apps. Get the backup app easily with our coupon. Grab the 10xDrive discount now.

Ease of Use

Most of the online storage apps are very difficult to use. But, you can use 10xDrive is not difficult at all. You can use it just like Google Drive, or Dropbox. No training is required to access and use it. This platform has a drag and drop facility. Just drag the targeted files and drop on its interface. Then, those files will automatically be stored. There is no limitation on the number of files. Unlimited files can be saved with ease. After storing files and data, you can easily create necessary folders. Just organize your files in these folders. A unified search facility is another great feature of 10xDrive.


Supports All Data

This software is suitable for backing up all kinds of personal and business data. As WordPress is very popular now, you will get a separate plugin to use this platform on WordPress. This plugin will help store tons of data directly from WordPress sites. You just have to select desired files and click once store all those. No matter why the targeted sites are lost, 10xDrive will let you bring all the lost files with ease.

10xDrive Coupon & Pricing

Pricing is always an important thing to consider while purchasing an online backup storage app. Most of these apps are very costly. But, 10xDrive is not like these solutions. There are two licenses only. Its Basic License is available for only USD 47 without the coupon in 2020. Generally, people pay this amount to use such app for a month. You can enjoy this app for 10 years by paying just once. This license includes a 250 GB space. If you want to get more space, then the Premium Plan of 10xDrive is suitable. This one can be bought by paying only USD 97 for 10 years. It will let you use 1000 GB space to save web files and different types of data. This solution also allows to save files and data directly from mobile devices.

Therefore, please get the storage with our discount to store all the necessary data. Hopefully, the 10xDrive coupon will offer amazing features and benefits.