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There are many security solutions for computers and these are offered by so many companies. But protecting websites are also very much important. Malwares, hackers, and viral programs can be removed by website security services. Centrora is one of those companies to offer such facility.

This company actually offers protection to websites of individuals, business owners, and online shops. All of those are very efficient and cost effective. In this short review, security facilities for individuals have been highlighted. Let’s have a look at those:

A Short Review on Centrora

Between plugin and suite version of Centrora, Plugin version has some with all main features. On your website, there must be various installed applications. This tool can offer firewall for such applications. WordPress and Joomla are two most popular CMS for creating websites. This plugin is compatible with both those platforms. That is why, there will be no necessity to purchase separate security solutions for those websites.


Plugin Version Features

This security tool offers very strong malware removal facility. For removing malware, this tool has very powerful surface scanner. Every modified file will scan by this product automatically. Similarly, Centrora offers powerful scanner for theme and plugin for WordPress and Joomla. There are some other tools which have come with the normal virus detector program. But this one has an in-depth virus removing facility. It is also capable of creating backups of websites to the local server, Google Drive, and other locations. Scheduled and efficient backup facility have made this product highly recommendable. A powerful file audit system has been added in this too.

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Comfortable Pricing Options

Both of the Plugin and Suite versions of Centrora has Free and Premium editions. Free editions will not fulfill all your necessities. That is why Premium Editions of both these products are strongly recommended. You can access Plugin edition of this security service by Monthly or Annually Subscription. Cost for Monthly Subscription of Plugin Version is only $11.99/month. But if you get Annual Plan of this product, only $99.99 should be paid for one month. Similarly, Centora Suite Version is available for only 35.99 USD/month. Or, you can get this by paying only 299.99 USD per year. Moreover, free malware removal service offered for those customers who purchases Annual Subscription.

Suite Version Benefits

In the long run, benefits of Centrora Suite Version are more effective. Actually, this is a standalone solution. For this reason, it does not depend of WordPress or Joomla. Any website created by the PHP system can protect by this powerful product. All the other facilities of Centrora Plugin are available in this one too. This product will provide you complete flexibility. Your firewall can be perfectly set up with the help of this. Dedicated support team will also be there to provide any kind of help you need.