App Press Pricing and Exclusive Review

Android apps and other types of mobile apps are very much useful nowadays. Instead of hiring a professional app developer, it is possible to create a mobile app. App Press is a nice platform to create this thing. It is already liked by a big number of users.

app press

A Small Review of App Press

Promoting a business should be done via different platforms nowadays. It is possible to increase the sales by providing some user friend mobile apps to the customers. There are some advanced platforms, which can be recommended for this task. App Press is one of these options. It is so easy to use that there will be no need to depend on any professional anymore. If you liked the AP features, then please purchase. Let’s have a look at its major features:

Some Advanced Features

Sometimes, communicating with the customers may become very important. In these cases, App Press will allow you to send scheduled notifications. For different customers of different locations, different messages should be sent. This platform also supports location based messages. Similarly, it is also capable of sending daily offers. In every app, you can add different types of graphics and some repeating menus. Some useful navigations can also be used in it. App Press allows to add some audio and video files in any app. To publish the apps, there is no need to face much difficulty. You can publish these on different app stores from a single dashboard. This platform helps to track the performance of every app very easily.

App Press

Get Payments Easily

Selling products on websites is a back dated thing now. People love to purchase the goods by paying the money via mobile apps. App Press is helpful for creating these payment apps very easily. This platform supports the integrations of Apple Pay, as well as Samsung Pay. These payment apps are helpful for the in-app purchases and accepting the charges for subscriptions. For example, you can accept payment for your YouTube channel subscription. Some pages of an app can be hidden from every free user. These pages can only be accessed by the premium users with their login IDs and passwords.

App Press Pricing

Many people love to generate DIY mobile apps. The Simple DIY App license of App Press is suitable to them. This license can be enjoyed by paying only 900 USD per year without the disocunt. After generating an app, you will be allowed to publish that on the App Store as well as Google Play. App Advancement is another license offered for this platform. This one offers regular updates for every new and existing app. A custom development work for 20 hours is offered in each month. A monthly intelligence reporting facility has made this product more attractive. According to 30 November 2017, this license is available for only 1819 USD per month. App Press also offers a Custom App Creation plan. This plan includes the app creation, publishing, and updating facility.