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BWEA started as a coupon website to provide discount and promotion to its customers. We promote products with the product review and offering. Here the reviews and links we provide is our own. Browse of the site is entirely free and you may contact us for any offer which is not available here. We will try to provide you link and discount for the offer if we have approval on it.

About BWEA Website

Our aim is to assist our purchasers with the special discount price for their purchase. In this mission, sometimes we provide code and sometimes we provide cashback that do not have any specific discount in our hand. So it basically needs a lot of effort to collect the product list and their links and promote them to the valued customers. We are also selective on the promotion instead of being generic. We try to select those items that have potential demands on the market. BWEA list combines of Internet Marketing product, theme, plugin, antivirus and software program.

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How to use the Coupon

For most products we are providing at BWEA is either coupon or cashback. The details should have been mentioned in the respective product page. For example, if a promotion mentions that about 15% cashback on the product, you need to email us to get the cashback, after you purchase the product. And if a product has any promo code associated with the link itself, you will get the discount on the next page after you click on the link and put the code there. So all the promotions are self explanatory and clearly mentions on the page.

Payment and Download

The payment method completely depends on the merchant which method they choose. Some merchants use an Affiliate Network whereas some provides their in-house affiliate system. The payment mode very from Credit and Debit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and some other methods. The payment details you will find in the checkout cart when making the payment.

Most of the products are available for digital download. After you make the payment successfully, you will get a email notification from the merchant mentioning all the details. You need to follow the steps in their welcome email or purchase confirmation email. If you need any help or assistance in downloading your purchased product, you may contact us anytime.

Refund Policy

The policy for refund and money back will be followed as per the respective merchant’s refund policy rule. BWEA is only affiliate selling the product. Every merchant who offers such money back guarantee has their own policy. So you need to contact with the merchant directly for any refund and money back guarantee if they allow it. If you have any confusion about it, you may also contact with us for clarification.

Affiliate Disclosure Details

BWEA is affiliated with a number of merchants to promote software, antivirus, internet marketing tools, themes and more. All the products we promote here have such commission sharing relation with the merchant. Thus after selling these products we earn some commission which help to maintain the site and our business. We also value our customers who purchase from us supporting our endeavor.

Please note new product submission by users is currently not available. If we introduce it in the near future, we will show a link on BWEA. If you like to know more about us, our BWEA website and our business, please feel free to contact. Thank you.

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